Kuspuk School District Seeks Qualified Applicants for Superintendent

Closing Date –February 28, 2017.  The Kuspuk School District is an equal opportunity employer.


Application and Timetable

The Board of Education of the Kuspuk School District is conducting a search for superintendent.  Applications are sought from those with successful experience as an assistant superintendent or similar background in a district office; superintendent experience is preferred.  The new superintendent is expected to be under contract no later than July 1, 2017.  The Kuspuk School Board is conducting the search.  Closing date for all application material is February 28, 2017.  All applications will be acknowledged.  The Board will review all applications and select a limited number of candidates to interview.  Interviews for finalists will be conducted in Aniak on or around the last week of March 2017.


Applicants should provide Kuspuk School District with a letter of interest and a resume. The following items must accompany all applications:

A confidential placement file including:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Confidential references – at least three written reference letters
  • Current resume
  • Certificate


Candidates who do not possess an Alaska Type B Certificate with a superintendent endorsement should begin the process in order to be considered for this position.

Application materials should be sent to:


Kuspuk School District,

Attn: Edith Morgan,

PO Box 49, Aniak, AK 99557

Phone: (907) 675-4250 x223
Email: emorgan@nullkuspuk.org



The Board is willing to offer a competitive salary in the range of $120,000.00 to $135,000.00 DOE for a 260-day contract. .  In addition, the same health benefits package available to all other district employees is provided.  Moving expenses for the successful candidate are negotiable.

The School District

Kuspuk School District covers over 12,000 square miles. It includes nine schools in six villages accessible only by air and river travel. The villages are along the mid-Kuskokwim River from Lower Kalskag to Stony River 120 miles away. The school district offices are located in Aniak, which is about 320 miles west of Anchorage. Aniak is the hub of the region. Cold winters, with temperatures sometimes below -50° F, are offset by short summers when temperatures occasionally reach above 80°F. The regional economy is based primarily on subsistence fishing, hunting, and gathering.


The People

The area population is about 1,500 people. In most of the villages 90-98% of the residents are Yup’ik Eskimo. There are some Athabaskan Indians. It is estimated that native Alaskans have inhabited the region for at least five hundred generations. Much of the interior Native population was not directly contacted until the late nineteenth century when missions and schools were established along the mid-Kuskokwim River. There are about 350 k-12 students in the district.


District Strengths

  • The board and superintendent work together to address goals and do what is best for students.
  • Longevity among staff and administration.
  • There is commitment to implementing and evaluating the strategic plan.
  • Cultural examples and placed based activities are integrated into the instructional program.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

Kuspuk School District will continue to work on fully implementing the strategic plan in the coming years as well as working to update it as needed. It will be reviewed at a minimum annually by the district to ensure that progress is being made towards these benchmarks and make every effort to further these goals in the future to keep the district moving forward in a positive manner.


GOAL 1: Increase academic performance

Objective: Decrease non-proficient student proficiency as assessed by state standardized tests by 3% each year in English Language Arts and Math.

GOAL 2: Increase Community and Parental Involvement

Objective: To work with parents and community members to increase the involvement at school-sponsored events.

GOAL 3: Increase Regional Partnerships

Objective: Increase the number of regional partnerships each year.

GOAL 4: Eliminate Bullying

Objective: Decrease bullying incidents by 25% annually, as defined by EED.

GOAL 5: Integrate Alaska Native culture throughout Kuspuk School District

Objective: Integrate elements of Alaska Native culture in both specific events and in regular classroom instruction. Take initial steps toward possible development of a region-specific cultural curriculum.



  1. Using a variety of methods to increase community and staff communication.
  2. Development & implementation of a district-wide proactive maintenance and operations plan.
  3. Full implementation of the district-wide supervision and evaluation model.
  4. Seeking alternative funding sources and solutions to provide educational opportunities for students.
  5. Increase academic expectations and opportunities.


Qualifications of the Candidate

The Board of Education recognizes that selecting the Superintendent is one of the most important decisions it will make.  The Board is committed to a selection process that is fair and open to all qualified candidates.  Priority will be given to candidates whose experience and background closely matches the following characteristics.  Candidates must hold the following minimum qualifications:


  • Hold, or be able to obtain, a Type B administrative certificate with a superintendent endorsement in the State of Alaska.
  • Have successful experience as an assistant superintendent or similar central office experience in a rural school district; with superintendent experience preferred.


Background and experience:

  • Experience in budget development;
  • Experience with grant writing;
  • Experience in all aspects of personnel management;
  • An approachable and effective communicator both publicly and privately;
  • Understand the importance of instructional technology;
  • Able to provide for effective staff development and continued professional growth;
  • Able to work effectively with the board, staff and community in support of students.
  • Willing to support creative and innovated ways to achieve the goals identified in the strategic plan.

Tentative Timetable

Application deadline – February 28, 2017

Identification of finalists – March 7, 2017

Interviews with Board – March 21 – 31, 2017

Employment begins – No later than July 1, 2017


Kuspuk School District Profile:

Budget – $12,735,340 excluding grants*

*Grants totaled about $2 million in FY17



State Aid – $6,696,589.00

Federal Aid – $1,616,751.00


Expenditure per pupil $20,835.44


Administration – 7 certified administrators in district

(Superintendent, three site principals, Special Ed/Testing Coordinator, Curriculum & Instruction Director / Student Services Director, Coordinator of Instructional Support).

Instructional Staff – 32 certified teachers district-wide.

Non-certified – Approximately 70 classified employees district-wide.

Average Teacher Salary – $67,183.00
Number and location of sites:

9 schools located in 6 villages all along the middle stretches of the

Kuskokwim River. Sites and demographics are:

  • Stony River – Gusty Michael School – 15 students, K-12.
  • Sleetmute – Jack Egnaty Sr. School – 11 students, K-12.
  • Crooked Creek – Johnnie John Sr. School – 18 students, K-12.
  • Chuathbaluk – Crow Village Sam School – 21 students, K-12.
  • Aniak – Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary School – 83 students, K-6.
  • Aniak – Aniak Jr/Sr High School – 58 students, 7-12.
  • Kalskag – Joseph & Olinga Gregory Elementary School – 44 students, K-3.
  • Lower Kalskag – Zackar Levi Elementary School – 42 students, 4-6.
  • Kalskag – George Morgan Sr. high School – 56 students, 7-12.


Number of Students:

Total district enrollment is 348 students K-12. Also offer pre-K programs at all sites.