2024-04 School District, Federal & State News


Alaska School District News

Aleutian Region – Aleutian Region School District hires new teachers, preparing Nikolski for reopening – Sofia Stuart-Rasi, KUCB

Anchorage – EDITORIAL: The Anchorage School District’s painful, necessary choice – ADN Editorial Board

Anchorage – Anchorage School District announces plan to close schools as part of ‘right-sizing’ effort – Tim Rockey, Alaska Public Media

Anchorage – Anchorage School District leaders: budget fate up to the governor – Georgina Fernandez, KTUU

Anchorage – Anchorage School District leaders say declining enrollment is driving plans to close multiple schools – Annie Berman, ADN

Anchorage – Anchorage middle schools prepare to include sixth grade starting this fall – Tim Rockey, Alaska Public Media

Anchorage – Yup’ik and Inupiaq Spelling Bee has record number of schools participating – Delta Discovery

Anchorage – Funding and staffing emerge as challenges for Anchorage School District’s planned career academies – Annie Berman, Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage – The Anchorage School Board will review student discipline policies while Mears Middle School Students try to Mix it Up at lunch – KTUU

Anchorage – Mother of student police say seen in viral video being assaulted testifies in front of ASD board over bullying policies – Lex Yelverton, KTUU

Anchorage – Former Anchorage School District employee pleads not guilty to assaulting student – KTUU

Cordova – Larger BSA needed just to keep up with inflation – Margaret Bauman, Cordova Times

Cordova – School district may seek city aid – Margaret Bauman

Cordova – Cordova students walk out to protest Dunleavy’s education funding veto – Camille Botello, Cordova Times

Cordova – Cordova Times intern named CHS valedictorian – Camille Botello, Cordova Times

Dillingham – School board continues talks on worst-case budget scenario, while hoping for solution from state – Riley Board, KDLL

Dillingham – Kenaitze considers language and culture-focused charter school – Riley Board, KDLL

Fairbanks – Students walk out of North Pole, Lathrop in protest of governor’s veto – Carter DeJong and Haley Lehman, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Fairbanks – ‘Alaska deserves better’: Students exchange pencils for posters in walkout – Patrick Gilchrist, KTVF

Fairbanks – Alaska’s secondary school principal of the year is right here in Fairbanks – Carter DeJong, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Fairbanks – Parents host their own press conference on state education funding – Robyne, KUAC

Fairbanks – Fairbanks parents address Governor’s agenda, state of education – Adrian Peterson, KTVF Fairbanks

Fairbanks – Charter schools give annual report to school board – KTVF Fairbanks

Fairbanks – Charter schools create added cost for Fairbanks school district – KTVF Fairbanks

Fairbanks – Brandy Harty to remain school board president following two special meetings – KTVF Fairbanks

Haines – Haines, Chatham homeschool families in limbo but many are hopeful for a solution – Rashah McChesney, Chilkat Valley News

Haines – Haines school district begins work on new strategic plan – Jenn Shelton, KHNS

Juneau – School board president says she won’t run again at meeting where members assess their response to crisis – Mark Sabbatini, Juneau Empire

Juneau – Tlingit and Haida unveils plans for new education campus in Juneau – Clarise Larson, KTOO

Juneau – Juneau seeks proposals to fill space in closing schools – Clarise Larson, KTOO

Juneau – Juneau students take statewide protest for more education funding into the Capitol – Mark Sabbatini, Peninsula Clarion

Juneau – Juneau students take protest of governor’s veto to State Capitol – Steve Kirch, KTUU

Juneau – The Juneau School District had a $9.5M projected deficit this year. It’s now a $633,185 surplus. How is that possible? – Mark Sabbatini, Juneau Empire

Juneau – Juneau School District announces principals and assistant principals for next year – Katie Anastas, KTOO

Kenai – “I Don’t Think I’ve Seen It This Bad;” Walk-In Demonstrations Hope To Effect Change In Alaska Education Funding – Nick Sorrell, KSRM

Kenai – Kenai Peninsula communities ‘walk-in’ schools to support education funding – Jamie Diep & Riley Board, KDLL

Kenai – State owes KPBSD $9.7 million, federal government says. DEED on Thursday pushed back on the federal government’s statement that it has not complied with requirements – Ashlyn O’Hara, Peninsula Clarion

Kenai – District unions call for ‘walk-in’ school funding protest – Jacob Dye, Homer News

Kenai – Homer High School students walk out in response to education funding bill veto – Jamie Diep, KBBI Homer

Kenai – ‘They deserve better than this’ – School board passes budget with broad swath of cuts, including pools, theaters and some support staff – Jacob Dye, Peninsula Clarion

Kenai – District budgets for ‘worst-case scenario’, assumes no increase in state funding – ‘This is all we can depend on’ – Jacob Dye, Peninsula Clarion.

Kenai – Borough supports looking for grant funds for school heat pump project – Jamie Diep, KBBI

Ketchikan – School District presents potential budget with substantial cuts without state BSA adjustments – Sam Stockbridge, Ketchikan Daily News

Ketchikan – Ketchikan students walkout in protest of Dunleavy’s education veto – Jack Darrell, KRBD

Ketchikan – School districts need a better funding process from the state – Ketchikan Daily News

Lower Kuskokwim – Kipnuk hosts LKSD NYO championship – Delta Discovery

Mat-Su – Mat-Su students put their hands on the pulse of local politics – Carly Schreck, KTUU

Mat-Su – Mat-Su school district proposes budget with more than 100 staff positions cut – Amy Bushatz, ADN

Mat-Su – Houston students walk out in protest over potential loss of beloved teacher – Katie Stavick Frontiersman

Mat-Su – Mat-Su creates new challenged-book committee nominated by borough mayor – Amy Bushatz, ADN

Mat-Su – Federal judge hears arguments on Mat-Su school district book removal case – David Bernknopf, KTUU

Nome – With State Funding in Limbo, Nome Public Schools Presents 2025 Budget to City – Ben Townsend, KNOM

Petersburg – Petersburg School District receives national recognition for school lunches – Shelby Herbert & Hannah Flor, KFSK

Petersburg – School Board votes to join coalition likely to sue state – Olivia Rose, Petersburg Pilot

Petersburg – Petersburg students join statewide protest against education funding cuts – Shelby Herbert, KFSK

Sitka – Following statewide protest, Sitka teachers ask board for specifics on staff and program cuts – Robert Woolsey, KCAW

Sitka – ‘Kids are not stupid’: Sitka board members warn of repercussions following gov’s veto of education bill – Robert Woolsey, KCAW

Unalaska – Unalaska school district projects large deficit, asks the city for nearly $6 million – Maggie Nelson, KUCB

Wrangell – Counselor leaves after two years; tells school board turnover is a problem – Mark C. Robinson, Wrangell Sentinel 

Yupiit – Tuluksak student makes legislative trip to Juneau – Kailey Napoka, Delta Discovery

State and Federal News

Dunleavy’s key ally on education, Bob Griffin, faces confirmation vote for state school board – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

Homeschool bills introduced in Alaska House and Senate with end of session near – Sean Maguire, ADN

Both sides of Alaska homeschool case want programs in place, disagree over how it should happen – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

Alaska homeschool programs can continue with simple law change, Legislature’s attorneys suggest – Sean Maguire, ADN

Alaska House says unconstitutional home-school spending should continue through 2025 – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Alaska House Proposes Amendment to Allow Public Money for Private Schools – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Divided Alaska House calls for stay of homeschool decision until mid-2025 – Eric Stone, Alaska Public Media

Alaska Senate plans fast action on correspondence problem, but House is ‘fundamentally divided’ – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

House moves to request court extended pause in homeschool funding case, Anchorage senator cites legal opinion for quick fix – Steve Kirch, KTUU

State of Alaska requests pause in homeschool ruling blocking public funds at private schools – Sean Maguire, ADN

Lawmakers suggest legislative solutions to homeschool allotment ruling – Riley Board, KDLL

Home-school ruling: Agreement on pause, disagreement on duration – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

AG’s family plan for Anchorage School District tuition payments collides with Constitution – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

OPINION: Alaska’s Constitution provides constraints on education funding – Jahna Lindemuth, ADN

Dunleavy flip-flops on Alaska’s Constitution’s clear ban on public funds for private schools – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

Alaska education bill backed by House Republicans advances to finance committee – Sean Maguire, ADN

Attorney general says he no longer has a conflict of interest about using public funds to pay private school tutition – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

AK House Judiciary Committee introduces constitutional amendment allowing public money to private and religious educators – Alex Bengel, KTUU

Member of House Judiciary Committee reacts to proposed constitutional amendment for education funding – Alex Bengel, KTUU

Lawmakers to wait on Alaska Supreme Court as families reel in wake of correspondence ruling – Claire Stremple & James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaska House members propose constitutional amendment to allow public money for private schools – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaska Governor Dunleavy responds to court ruling on homeschool funding – Your Alaska Link

Dunleavy says correspondence school decision will have broad impacts. But will it? – Eric Stone, Alaska Public Media

Dunleavy lays out efforts to preserve ability to spend public funds at private and religious schools – Iris Samuels & Sean Maguire, ADN

Most Alaska students are behind in math, science and language arts, latest statewide assessments show – Annie Berman, ADN

Dunleavy’s home-school allotment scheme is a warning for his charter school plan – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Alaska’s home-school payment scheme that sent public dollars to religious schools ruled unconstitutional – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Dunleavy floats new ideas to continue flowing public money into private religious schools – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Biggest Anchorage K12 private school enrolled all students in public correspondence to qualify for $3,000 reimbursement – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

Alaska Senate to set aside extra school funding after warning from the feds – Sean Maguire, ADN

History behind the ruling: How private, religious schools continued receiving state reimbursement money for years – Rebecca Palsha, KTUU

Alaska House committee advances, expands proposal to bar trans girls from girls sports – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

Dunleavy argues homeschool allotments are an ‘indirect benefit’ to private schools. Lawmakers disagree. – Eric Stone, Alaska Public Media

A judge has thrown out a key part of Alaska’s homeschool system. Here’s what to know. – Eric Stone, Alaska Public Media

Alaska parents and legislators scramble for answers after judge rules homeschool allotments are unconstitutional – Iris Samuels & Sean Maguire, ADN

Educators and lawmakers trying to determine impacts, next steps of ruling denying state funds for homeschoolers – “Everybody wants to make sure there’s a way to continue supporting homeschool families,” Kiehl says. – Mark Sabbatini, Juneau Empire

Lawmaker react to judge ruling state’s correspondence homeschooling reimbursements unconstitutional – Lex Yelverton, Joe Cadotte and Steve Kirch, KTUU

Senate bill encouraging mental and physical health education in schools works its way through the House – Haley Lehman, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Anchorage judge determines state funds for correspondence schools unconstitutional – Adrian Peterson, Associated Press

Judge strikes down private education allotments Dunleavy pushed in 2014, upending push for school vouchers – Dermot Cole, Reporting from Alaska

Schools, university and projects across Alaska are set to receive money from new budget bill. Alaska Senate sends draft capital budget to House as work continues on a state spending plan – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaska Senate passes capital budget with focus on school maintenance and housing – Sean Maguire, ADN

Judge rules Alaska correspondence school reimbursements unconstitutional – Iris Samuels, ADN

Alaska House votes down constitutional guarantee for Permanent Fund dividend – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaska House passes draft state budget amid warnings that state spending doesn’t balance – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Dunleavy’s poll draws scrutiny: leading questions, misleading data – Yarrow Silvers, Alaska Current

Governor points to statewide opinion poll as reason for educational reform – Steve Kirch

OPINION: Alaskans can’t afford inaction on education funding – Carolyn Hall, ADN

House Education hears bill mandating naloxone in schools – Haley Lehman, Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Committee advances Alaska education bill with Gov. Dunleavy priorities, historic funding increase – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

Alaska House digs into budget — and a developing gap between expenses and revenue – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaskans support increased education funding and reform in poll commissioned by Governor Dunleavy – Alex Bengel, KTVF

Alaska House prepares to open budget debates amid tight fiscal constraints – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Replacement education bill makes it out of House committee – Steve Kirch, KTUU

Alaska education bill backed by House Republicans advances to finance committee – Sean Maguire, ADN

Is Alaska at risk of losing $425 million in federal grant money? – Lucas Wright, USA Today

House GOP education bill advances after bait-and-switch hearing – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Committee advances Alaska education bill with Gov. Dunleavy priorities, historic funding increase – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

OPINION: Alaska’s lawmakers are failing students like me – Dane Senaga, ADN

OPINION: Dunleavy’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record on school funding – Frank Jeffries, ADN

Alaska schools making drastic cuts in wake of governor’s veto, school administrators council says – Casey Grove, Alaska Public Media

Dunleavy appointee to state school board says secular schools OK ‘for now’ – Dermot Cole, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Senate Education Committee discusses compliance options for federal funding policy – Alex Bengel, KTVF

OPINION: House Republicans put IGNITE program at risk – Namory Bagayoko, Kerry Brown, Nazly Mofidi, Dale Munger, Rachel Parrish, Miriam Roberts and Matthew Ubedei, ADN

Alaska school year could start in September under new proposal – Claire Stremple – Alaska Beacon

Students stage statewide walkout protest over Dunleavy education funding veto – Joey Klecka, Carly Schreck and Lauren Maxwell, KTUU

Alaska students stage statewide walkout to protest education funding veto – Tim Rockey, Alaska Public Media

Legislators try but get few answers on federal school funding problem – Matt Acuña Buxton, Alaska Current

Alaska students stage statewide walkout protesting education veto – Yarrow Silvers, Alaska Current

Alaska high school students walk out of class to protest Gov. Dunleavy’s education veto – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

Hundreds of Alaska students participate in statewide walkout protesting flat school funding and education bill veto – Annie Berman, Sean Maguire, Alena Naiden, ADN

Students walk out of schools across Alaska to protest the governor’s veto of education package – Becky Bohrer, AP

Teacher shortages, funding woes: State school board addresses education committees – Carter DeJong, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Funding for Alyeska Reading Institute removed from Alaska House’s draft budget – Iris Samuels, ADN

Alaska schools could buckle down on civics. Legislative proposal seeks to increase civic engagement – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

Alaska House committee approves $7.5 million more for child care facilities – James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

Alaska risks $425 million in lost education funding after feds allege noncompliance with ARPA requirements – Alex Bengel, KTVF

Charter schools debated, as latest House education bill removes teacher bonuses – KTUU

Missteps from Alaska’s education department could cost the state millions in grants, feds say – Claire Stremple, Alaska Beacon

State owes nearly $30 million to four school districts, including Juneau, federal government says – Ashlyn O’Hara, Juneau Empire