Request for Proposals: Alaska State Family Engagement Center Evaluation

The Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB) is seeking an independent evaluator to assess the implementation and impact of the Alaska State Family Engagement Center.


AASB, the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, and more than 30 partners will develop an Alaskan State Family Engagement Center (ASFEC) and the Alaska Family Coalition (AK FAM). ASFEC and AK FAM will work with community, state, local education agencies, student, tribal and family partners to build capacity for effective school/family partnerships that support equity, student opportunities and achievement, and students’ and families’ social and emotional needs. Program resources will be dedicated specifically to meet the needs of nearly 60,000 predominantly rural or Alaska Native students and families.

In addition to the statewide capacity building activities, fourteen school districts, spanning 203 schools across the state, signed on to access professional learning and support from AASB and the ASFEC. Participating schools will also provide evidence-based programming to families. Logic model and more project information can be provided upon request.

Key Questions to be Answered by the Evaluation:

Microsoft Word – ASFEC Evaluation Notice of RFP.docx

  1. To what extent did the program provide activities and services which build statewide infrastructure for systemic family engagement that includes support for SEA- and LEA-level leadership capacity-building?
  2. To what extent does the program train LEA, school, and community-based organization staff to effectively engage in activities with families that will 1) improve student achievement, including how to support families with activities at home or outside the school and 2) help families participate in state and local decision making?
  3. To what extent do LEA and school staff participating in SFEC activities report enhanced capacity to work with families effectively in meeting the academic and developmental needs of their children?
  4. To what extent did the program implement activities for parents which trained and ensured that they can effectively engage in 1) improving student academic achievement, including supporting learning in the classroom with learning at home or outside the school and 2) state and local decision-making?
  5. To what extent did parents participate in program activities provided by LEAs and ASFEC?
  6. To what extent do parents engaging with ASFEC report enhanced capacity to work with schools and service providers effectively in meeting the academic and developmental needs of their children?
  7. To what extent did ASFEC program participation impact student outcomes, including:
    • a. Academic achievement and attendance, and
    • b. Social-emotional learning?

Interested evaluators should submit a detailed proposal including evaluation design, budget, resumes of proposed project personnel, and a summary of experience.

Contact Lauren Havens for more information.

PFD copy of the RFP

All proposals should be submitted no later than October 31, 2022, via the online submission form. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be logged into a Google account to complete the submission form and upload documents.