Yakutat School District Superintendent Search

The Board of Education of the Yakutat School District is conducting a search for a Superintendent/Principal. Applications are being sought from those individuals with previous administrative experience and appreciation of education in isolated settings. The Board is especially interested in candidates who have successfully demonstrated:

• Administrative/supervisory experience (minimum of 2 yrs.)
• Work with diverse populations, especially indigenous populations
• Budget development and implementation.
• Grant administration and successful implementation.
• Effective leadership working with parent, community, tribal, local, state, and federal agencies

The superintendent is expected to be under contract no later than July 1, 2018.

School District

The District is governed by a five-member board of education elected at large. The district consists of a single site K-12 school serving the students of Yakutat. The facilities are well maintained and include amenities such as a multipurpose elementary school gym, a large high school gym, a racquetball court, and a swimming pool. A covered outdoor play area affords younger students outdoor activity during inclement weather. The school facility also houses an excellent woodshop and welding shop enabling students to access to some career and technical education opportunities.

With the decline in timber and fishing industries, Yakutat has been experiencing an economic slow down with a corresponding drop in student enrollment. However, there is some new economic activity in town with the pending construction of a new tribally operated, comprehensive health care clinic and a new housing development supported and funded through Yakutat Tlingit Tribe.

Student enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is 55 full time students and 15 LEAD correspondence school students. The projected enrollment is to remain about the same for 2018-19.

A Strategic Plan was developed with community and staff input in 2010 and is due for a comprehensive update. The plan has served as a blueprint for the superintendent, staff, parents and community.

District Mission Statement

The Yakutat School District will provide each student with positive educational experiences in a broad range of subjects, reflecting community values and individual needs; resulting in the skills necessary to participate as a responsible citizen in a global society.

District Vision

The Yakutat School District holds a community vision, which values a safe and secure environment through the fostering of respect for culture and self. We nurture students socially, emotionally, and academically so they will become successful, well-rounded, contributing members of society who lead meaningful lives.

District Strengths

• Quality, dedicated staff
• Effective pupil/teacher ratio
• Well aligned curriculum to the new Alaska State Standards
• Wonderful students with good post-secondary schooling success
• Second-to-none natural environment and setting
• Involved and supportive community
• Borough government that contributes freely to education
• Maintains a great working relationship with the city & borough, Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, and Yak Tat Kwaan Inc.
• Tlingit Language Nests for students 2-7

District Strategic Plan

Broad Objectives:

1. All students will graduate
2. All primary students will read at grade level
3. All students will be proficient in math as measured by formative and standards-based assessments.

The Community and Surrounding Area

Located at the base of the St. Elias Mountains, the borough and city of Yakutat is a Tlingit settlement on the Gulf of Alaska and currently home to ~500 residents of various ethnicities but largely Tlingit. Nearby, the Hubbard Glacier calves icebergs into Disenchantment Bay and the Russell Fjord offers unlimited hiking and kayaking possibilities. Commercial fishing, sports fishing, hunting and tourism are the primary sources of income for most residents today.

Yakutat is accessible by air and sea and is approximately 200 air miles northwest of Juneau and 300 air miles southeast of Anchorage. Alaska Airlines offers  twice daily jet service from Juneau and Anchorage. The Alaska Ferry System offers seasonal service.

A wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts visit Yakutat to hike the beaches, float the rivers and bays, view glaciers, climb mountains, as well as hunt and fish. Yakutat is located on the flyway of the coastal bird migratory route and whales can be observed migrating off the coast. Returning king and silver salmon as well as steelhead attract anglers to Yakutat from all points of the globe.

Modern conveniences such as grocery stores, fuel stations, hardware store, and an auto repair shop are available. Two restaurants operate seasonally. A variety of modern hotel and bed and breakfast accommodations are available.

The climate is maritime in character with temperatures moderated by the Gulf of Alaska. The annual precipitation is 150 inches. Summers are generally cool and winter temperatures rarely dip below 0 F.

Qualifications of the Candidate

The Board of Education recognizes that selecting the Superintendent-principal is one of the most important decisions it will make. The Board is committed to a selection process that is fair and open to all qualified candidates. Preference will be given to candidates whose experience and background closely parallels the following characteristics.

Candidates must hold the following minimum qualifications:

● Hold or be able to obtain a Type B administrative certification as well as a superintendent endorsement in the State of Alaska, or the ability to complete endorsement within initial contract timeframe.
• 2 years of previous administrative/supervisory experience.

Background and Experience Preferred…

• Demonstrated ability to effectively improve student achievement across a wide variety of student demographics.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with budget implementation in line with the district strategic plan and board priorities.
• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations, especially indigenous populations.
• Demonstrated ability to lead and work with all stakeholders to positively collaborate on ways to improve student achievement.


• Experience with… standards-based curriculum development, appropriate assessment use and implementation, personalized and blended learning, differentiated instruction and RTI, targeted staff development, labor contracts, staff recruitment and retention, discipline for positive results, special education, grant application, successful awards and implementation, instructional technology, business and facilities management.

Personal Characteristics

• Alaskan experience and knowledge
• Upbeat, imaginative, and innovative
• A collaborative, inclusive nature
• Appreciation of remote rural settings
• Strong evidence of ethical behavior and self discipline
• Good rapport with students and community
• Capacity to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities

Board’s Priorities for the new superintendent are:

• Update of District Strategic Plan.
• Teamwork with all agencies, community members, and staff.
• Focus on student learning to graduate well-rounded students.
• Continued pursuit of effective, professional development linked to performance evaluation.
• Positive, two-way communication with all stakeholders.

Compensation Package

Salary: $95,000 – $105,000

Work Year: 260-day contract with 30 vacation days

Medical: comprehensive medical/health

District Profile:

Current Budget……………………$2,619,805
General Fund…………………….. 2,341,726
Grants……………………………… 185,506
Special Revenue…………………. 92,573


Local……………………… 573,573
State Aid……………………1,558,327
Federal Aid………………… 413,967
Other Revenue……………. 30,000
Fund Balance……………………… 560,316
Appropriated……………….. 304,441
Unappropriated……………. 255,875
Expenditure per pupil…………………$ 14,693

Number of Employees

Administration/Support Staff……… 4
Instructional Staff………………….. 7
Non-instructional Staff…………….4.5
Average Teacher Salary……..$70,232
Number of Students………………………… 76
Number of Facilities………………………..….1

Administrative Structure:

Superintendent/ K-12 Principal, Business Manager,
Administrative Assistant, Facilities/Grounds Coordinator

School Board

Marry Knutsen (board chair)
Rose Fraker
Adriana Preciado
Casey Makes

Application and Timetable

The Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB) is conducting the search. Applicants should visit the AASB website at https://aasb.org/superintendent/vacancies/ to determine all necessary correspondence and forms required for a complete application package. The following items must accompany all applications: a confidential placement file, academic transcripts, completed confidential AASB reference forms, current resume, and Alaska certificate. Each of these items should be emailed to Ryan Aguilar at raguilar@nullaasb.org. Candidates who do not hold an Alaska Type B Certificate with a superintendent endorsement should start the certification process immediately to be considered for this position.


Application Period: January 31 to Feb 28, 2018
Application deadline: Feb 28, 2018
Selection of Finalists: March 8 – 9, 2018
In-person interviews with Board in Yakutat: March 28-30, 2018
Selection of a successful candidate upon conclusion of the interviews.
Employment begins: July 1, 2018