AASB Resolutions

Foundational documents of the Association of Alaska School Boards

Where We Stand (2017 Belief Statements and Core Resolutions of AASB)– When downloaded, this PDF version is searchable using the “Advanced search” menu option under the Edit menu. It is also bookmarked for each section and each resolution. The bookmark will take the reader to the page where the resolution or section is located. This version has been updated for all of the correct adoption dates and sunset dates.


The process for updating and submitting new resolutions for the AASB membership to consider at the annual meeting in November has begun.  The AASB Board of Directors asks each school board to review the existing resolutions, consider amendments and to possibly submit new resolutions.  Responses by districts are due to the AASB office by October 11, 2017.  This is the opportunity for each board to participate and provide input prior to the Resolutions Committee meeting on Thursday November 9thThe link below will take you a webpage that can provide you with much more detail and all the files you will need to do the work. 

2018 Resolutions Process