AASB Strategic Planning Process

When AASB works with school districts on new or updated strategic planning processes, we use a facilitated process designed to help districts achieve success by actively engaging community members, educators, parents, business leaders, students, and a few board members. These groups are challenged and invited to envision the community’s vision for their district. We focus on the vision, mission, and beliefs and then determine goals areas and strategies to make it real.

The strategic planning process requires commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to lay aside any preconceived ideas or agendas for the ultimate good of the school district, students and community members.


The objective of this planning activity is to update a 3-5 year strategic plan characterized by:

  • A long-term vision 
  • Concentration of effort through a focused mission supporting the vision
  • Measurable objectives used to attain the aspirations detailed in the strategic plan.
  • District and community involvement, which drives consensus for the plan and all its elements
  • Implementation accompanied with specific accountability
  • Biannual or triannual evaluation and renewal of the plan
  • Annual school board goals for the district aligned to the plan

Ultimately, the goal is to enable the district to practice true strategic management in order that students flourish.

Update Sessions

(biannually or triannually)

This session involves the Strategic Planning Team (made up of former and new members) that is constructed with the make-up of the district and community taken into consideration. Community and staff members should “see themselves reflected back” in the planning team membership.

The external facilitator leads this session. During the session, the Team reviews and updates:

  • Internal factors (A thorough, unbiased examination of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.)
  • External factors (An examination of those forces which an organization has little or no control.)
  • Critical issues (Threats and opportunities.)

In Addition

The Team will update the following components of the plan by consensus:

  • Beliefs or Values — A statement that is a formal expression of the district’s fundamental values: its ethical code, its overriding convictions, and its commitments.
  • Mission — A statement that is a clear and concise expression of the district’s purpose and function.
  • Objectives — The district’s commitment to achieving specific, measurable end results.
  • Strategies — Specific initiatives that the district will undertake to achieve the measurable objectives.