New School Board Members

Welcome to the Association of Alaska School Boards!

At the Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB), we realize that people most often come to a position on the School Board as concerned citizens who want to make a difference. We also know that there is very little in anyone’s previous experiences that fully prepare them for serving as a public official and a constructive member of a governing Board.

Our goal is to welcome you to the world of public service and get you started on the road to effective governance.

Making the Most of Your First Term: What New School Board Members Want to Know

All new Board members will receive an email from AASB every few weeks until the end of the school year that covers various topics about school boarding. Topics will include, Board Standards, Building a Relationship with the Superintendent, Working with Your Board, Meetings, Communication, School Finance and Laws, and Community Engagement.

The Role of the Board
Board Standards
The Superintendent – Building a Relationship
Working with the Board
School Finance
Working with the Community
School Law

New School Board Candidate Packets

School Board Candidate Guide
What to Look For in a School Board Candidate
Sample Letter to candidates

Recruiting New Board Members
(article by Timi Tullis, AASB Director of Membership Services)


Helpful Hints

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