Superintendent Search Services

The Association of Alaska School Boards Superintendent Search Service offers maximum flexibility to Alaska School Boards and assures the Board has total control of the selection and appointment process. The search team performs the legwork associated with the search, allowing the Board to concentrate on the most critical steps in the search; setting the criteria, interviewing the most qualified candidates, and selecting the next superintendent.

Search facilitation fees are based on the level of assistance that the Board may require regarding the search. This can range from a packet of information to help you conduct your own search to various levels of involvement and facilitation including a fully supported search. Fees are also based on your ADM. Our facilitated searches now include exclusive and required online document management for all application materials.

For more information about working with AASB to manage your superintendent search, please contact:

Email Lon Garrison, Executive Director, or call (907) 463-1668.

Superintendent Openings

The following school districts in Alaska have contracted with AASB to facilitate the search for their next superintendent.

Candidates who do not possess an Alaska Type B Certificate with a superintendent endorsement should begin the process with the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (AK DEED 907-465-2800).

No Current Openings

Superintendent Search Process

Each Board of Education has different needs and approaches to conducting its business. The Association of Alaska School Boards Superintendent Search Service understands this and will work to ensure that the superintendent search is directed by the Board and is tailored to its needs and desires.

The entire search process emphasizes that the search will be objective, fair, and confidential and will reflect the criteria determined by the full board, and not that of the search consultant.

AASB has a proven search process and extensive sources for advertising vacancies. This includes nation-wide exposure through the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS), the National Indian Education Association (NIEA), and the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and other colleagues and opportunities.

For more information, email Lon Garrison or Timi Tullis or call (907) 463-1660.

The superintendent search process includes these steps:
1. Outline the Process

AASB will assist the Board in developing a tailored approach to the search that will cover all necessary components including:

  • Selection criteria
  • Finalist Screening
  • Vacancy notice distribution
  • Interview structure and facilitation
  • Application packaging
  • Contract terms•Candidate recruitment
  • New superintendent news release
  • Candidate background verification
2. Identify Selection Criteria

The AASB consultant will assist the Board in developing the criteria for selecting the new superintendent by determining whether:

  • the search will be nationwide or limited to Alaska
  • Alaska experience or special strengths are required
  • in-district candidates are given preference
  • issues within the district require special consideration
3. The Recruitment Process

Once the selection criteria have been identified, AASB will work with the board to develop a vacancy announcement that will describe the position, school district and community, and professional background and attribute criteria desired. This information will be published as an electronic brochure on the AASB website and shared widely.

4. Applicant Files

AASB now uses an entirely online application and candidate review program developed and supported by our colleagues at the Ohio School Boards Association. Interested candidates can apply by going to

5. Candidate Background Verification

AASB requires all applicants to go through a background check that consists of a national criminal background check, a sex offender list review and a SSN trace for each applicant. An education, employer and professional license verification is also conducted. Through AASBs extensive professional network, confidential reference verification of all candidates is completed. AASB solicits valuable information from other state associations and school boards that can then help Alaska boards gain insights into each candidate.

6. Screening to Identify Finalists

During the formal applicant screening process the search consultant will meet with the board; provide a brief overview for each applicant including any background information secured. In addition, the search consultant will facilitate the board’s screening of applicant file according to the established criteria. This process could include brief audio conferences with individual candidates as necessary.

The board, at its discretion, will determine the best-qualified candidates for further consideration. AASB will notify all applicants not selected as finalists.

7. Selection of Finalists & Logistics

Following review of applicant files, background verification and executive session consensus; the board will select the finalists they wish to interview. During this time, the board will also develop a schedule for the finalist’s on-site visit and formal interview. Common questions to be asked candidates during the formal interview will also be developed at this time.

AASB will accept responsibility for contacting finalists, preparing a press release announcing the finalists and the process for the on-site visit by the candidates, and make all finalist travel arrangements for formal interview.

8. The Interview Process

The AASB search consultant will be on-site during the interview and selection process. AASB will assume responsibility for providing the board with the tools necessary to successfully interview the candidates and present the candidates to the staff and community. The search consultant is available to facilitate the processes necessary to present the district and community to the candidates as well as afford the opportunity for staff and community to “experience” the finalists.

Once a candidate is selected and accepts, the search consultant will facilitate the contract parameters to be signed by the candidate and board. These parameters will form the basis for a formal contract to be developed by the district’s legal counsel. The search consultant will also assist the Board with preparing a press release of the superintendent appointment.

9. Timelines

An adequate timeline is critical to the success of the search. The suggested timeline shown below is offered as a guideline should time and circumstances allow.

Meet with the board to develop criteriaWeek 1
Design and post an electronic brochureWeek 1
Soliciting candidate interestWeek 2-10
Conduct background investigationsWeek 11
Notify finalists and arrange interviewsWeek 13
Conduct interviews, final section, contractWeek 14
Follow-up workshopTBD — Fall
10. Follow-up Workshop

Following the appointment and arrival of the new superintendent, the AASB consultant will conduct a workshop in the district to help the board and superintendent “check-base” on the evolving relationship, clarify responsibilities and develop any necessary understandings to ensure a long-term partnership. This workshop helps the new board-superintendent team establish effective communication and mutual understanding.

Other Superintendent and Administrative Openings

As a courtesy to our member districts, we will post your other central or district office openings for no charge.  Please contact us at or (907) 463-1660.

AASB also provides access to our partner state associations that may have superintendent positions open.  

Within the REVELUS Network:  Go to to view superintendent vacancies within the Revelus network (Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan).

Washington State:  Northwest Leadership Associates in conjunction with the Washington State School Directors Association is searching for superintendents to serve many school districts around the state. For information please go to the NWLA website.

Other Superintendent and Administrative Openings:

Pelican City School District

Part-Time Superintendent

The Pelican City School District is seeking to hire a .25 FTE (60 days) Superintendent for the 2021- 2022 school year.

The superintendent will be responsible for working directly with the PCSD Board of Education. He/She will manage the budget, complete all DEED paperwork, supervise/evaluate certified staff, complete and manage all state and federal grant programs, lead the development of contracted services, maintain the facilities and ensure that all maintenance reports are completed on time.

Applications are sought from those candidates with successful experience as a superintendent or principal. The Board is seeking a candidate dedicated to providing an enriching and excellent education, that actively engages students, families, and whenever possible the community for the success of all students. The new superintendent is expected to start employment on July 1, 2021. The superintendent is to be on-site 7 times during the school year.

Pelican is located on the northwest part of Chichagof Island. Pelican City School has a very small student population and employs 4 staff members. Financial services are provided by Birchwood Professional Services LLC.

To apply: Send letter of application, current resume, three recent letters of recommendation , 3 references (one must be a recent supervisor) to:

Jessica Shouse

Pelican School

Box 90

Pelican, AK 99832

Or email:

Salary: 35,000.00 – 45,000.00 depending on experience and qualifications.

Deadline to apply: March 31.

Interviews will be scheduled for April 3.

For more information, please contact Norma Holmgaard, or call (907) 252-8577.

Yukon Koyukuk School District

Director of School Operations

Supervisor: Superintendent

Classification: CERTIFIED (YKAA)

Posted March 2, 2021

General Responsibilities

Oversees operations of all river schools and related activities; Oversees all instructional operations and professional development with the overall goal of improving student achievement, implementing and maintaining services within established guidelines and standards.


Education:  Master’s degree required and Alaska Type B preferred.  Successful program administration experience demonstrated with emphasis on school improvement.


Five years supervisory experience and three years teaching experience required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Working knowledge of:

  • State and Federal regulations
  • Analysis of Assessment Data
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • School Improvement Plans
  • Superior Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Budgetary procedures
  • Reporting procedures


Pay range is 97,000 – 128,000 for a 260 Day contract with 24 annual days and 12 flex days.

Position Starts July 1, 2021

Full Job Description

Region 16 Comprehensive Center Job Description

Operations Project Manager (OPM) AK, OR, WA

Posted February 10, 2021

Application Deadline: April 10, 2021

This position will work in a mostly remote environment, and can be based in Alaska, Oregon, or Washington. In-person interaction and travel will resume once it is safe to do so.

Organization Overview

The Region 16 Comprehensive Center (R16CC or the Center) is one of 19 federal grant– supported regional centers in the United States and US territories. Each center is charged by the United States Department of Education (US ED) to help state education agencies, regional educational agencies, local educational agencies, and schools improve educational outcomes for all students, close achievement gaps, and improve the quality of instruction. Together with our state, regional, tribal, school, and community partners, R16CC provides evidence-based services and support across our three-state region.

R16CC is comprised of three statewide organizations representing 29 Educational Service Districts in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.

R16CC’s model is a unique consortium of partnerships. Each state in our region develops, with its partners, a state service plan. As a Center, we also use our common goals and objectives to structure a regional service plan. Working together, we address some of the greatest challenges in education today.

Link to R16CC website:

The Opportunity

Our Operations Project Manager (OPM) will help implement and manage core programs and projects of the Center, from beginning to end. The OPM will maintain, and in some cases develop, key project management practices. They will work under the guidance of the Center Director to support all regional and state-level projects. They will also partner with State Directors, project staff, and consultants to implement and manage state and regional projects and day-to-day operations. The OPM will be a part of a developing Center. An innovative mindset will be crucial as we learn and grow together.

Our OPM will also support the federally required performance evaluation and ensure that our partners are informed about project and program successes and challenges. The OPM will report to the Center Director. This role will not have supervisory responsibility.

Who you are:

You are enthusiastic about being a part of an innovative startup. You are an education advocate and want to make a positive difference in the lives of students and educators. You want to work with a team to improve outcomes for students and families who have not traditionally been supported in our educational system. You can work in a fast-paced and remote environment. You manage your time efficiently and set priorities to accommodate multiple requests and tasks. You are an excellent communicator and exercise good judgment. You have excellent organization and project management skills, and can create efficient project workflows. You are able to work with various personalities and adapt easily to change. You are seeking a collaborative environment where you can partner with other committed leaders and project staff on challenging, engaging, and meaningful work.

What you will do:


  • Work with members of the leadership team to ensure that project goals and outcomes are delivered on time and within budget
  • Develop and manage project procedures, routines, templates and/or shared documentation to enhance and streamline operations, procedures, and overall project management in collaboration with the leadership team
  • Alert the leadership team of resourcing or timeline issues related to each project
  • Manage project platforms, like
  • Ensure that Center team members are trained on project management platforms, like
  • Support the leadership and project teams (including hired consultants) with operations and project management processes for successful project planning, execution and monitoring
  • Create databases as needed to support project work and continuous improvement processes
  • Work with Center Administrative Assistant to coordinate work that may overlap – e.g. to coordinate meetings and events from logistics to implementation and follow through


  • Work with the leadership team as needed to support our clients and 3rd party providers and/or consultants

Support Continuous Improvement

  • Help create a system of cadences for evaluation, reporting requirements, and the continuous improvement cycle


  • Support the Director of Communications to implement the communications plans and align communications internally and externally related state and regional projects
  • Provide project progress status and reports to State Directors or Center Director as needed

State and Regional Service Plan Development and Implementation

  • Support the development of the annual state and regional service plan projects
  • Lead core project management processes and activities for all regional and state projects including planning the project scope, logic models, developing objectives, tasking out projects, creating timelines, managing scope, tracking and reviewing progress, and researching and summarizing topics related to state service plans and regional service plans
  • Ensure that the project management platform has all projects and timelines entered and stays up-to-date
  • Help project teams and consultants drive milestones, deadlines, and deliverables related to each state and regional service plan and US ED requirements
  • Create and support the development of a client/consultant feedback system for project deliverables – this may mean working with R16CC’s external evaluator

Center/Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

  • Support and coordinate the on-time submission of reports, evaluation, and communications to R16CC partners and the US ED
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired Skills, Competencies, and Experience:

  • At least three successful years of project management, program management, or change management experience
  • Equity mindset: Leads with an equity lens in mind
  • Cultural proficiency: Articulates and applies historical context of racism and understands the current reality of students and communities of color in order to support racial equity
  • Experience working with sovereign Tribal Nations or Alaska Native communities and awareness of Native Education
  • Experience working with various executive-level teams across a remote work environment
  • Experience supporting a multi-talented team of leaders in a remote working environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in program management and/or education
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively lead teams through agile project management practices using online work management platforms
  • Experience creating and managing project plans to support effective implementation of program initiatives
  • Experience coordinating events, managing logistics, researching, and summarizing and developing agenda/materials
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong willingness to learn new things
  • Fluency in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Zoom

Salary Range: Up to $75,000 DOE
Status: Full-time
Reports to: Region 16 Comprehensive Center Director

To Apply

Visit the R16CC website:

Please direct questions to Region 16 Comprehensive Center Director Bernie Sorenson or Administrative Assistant Kevin Holian

Yupiit School District

Akiachak, Alaska

Superintendent Vacancy

The Yupiit Board of Education desires a superintendent that understands, appreciates and will be involved in our local Yup’ik culture. The Board seeks a superintendent that will work to build trusting, positive relationships with employees, regional board members, local advisory board members, and all stakeholders in the three villages of the district (Akiachak, Akiak and Tuluksak). The applicant will recognize and have experience with the uniquely important role of village school principals and their associated local advisory boards and work to support their success in effectively educating Yupiit students who are connected to their local culture and traditions. The Board is seeking an individual that has demonstrated experience with effective and uniquely appropriate ways of measuring student growth and proficiency that recognizes the learning styles and cultural qualities of indigenous people.

The ideal candidate will be adept and experienced in working with federal, state and local agencies including our tribal governments in a collaborative fashion that promotes meeting the needs of Yupiit student success and academic achievement. Additionally, the superintendent will have the skills to work collaboratively with the Board and school communities and will spend quality time in all three communities. We desire a person who has shown an ability to be creative when resources are scarce; who can motivate and lead without oppressing; who is not afraid to aggressively seek other sources of support for educational programs and school maintenance. It is essential in a small district such as ours that a superintendent knows how to work well with a business office and manage the district resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.

2021 Yupiit Superintendent Search Brochure

Application and Timetable

The Yupiit Board of Education is facilitating the search. The following is the timetable the Board has established for the superintendent search:


  • Application deadline: May 31, 2021 (5:00 pm AKST)
  • Selection of Finalists: June 10, 2021
  •  Interviews with Board: Week of June 21, 2021
  • Employment begins: July 1, 2021

The following items must comprise a complete application file:

  • A current or updated complete ATP candidate application
  • Applicable academic transcripts
  • A current resume and/or CV
  • Copies of current certifications or licenses. (Candidates applying should possess an Alaska Type B Certificate with a superintendent endorsement in order to be considered for this position.)

Application Materials should be sent to:

(Digital submission of materials is highly desired, preferably as PDF files.)

Bonnie James, HR Specialist
P.O. Box 51190, Akiachak, AK 99551 Phone: (907) 825-3600

Visit the School District’s website at for additional information about our district, schools and communities.

SERRC Executive Director

Position Overview: 

The Executive Director is the face of the organization providing visionary leadership for the development of exceptional services that promote increased student performance; efficiency, economy, and effectiveness in school operations; increased education and career opportunities for adult learners; and support for the implementation of statewide initiatives. An excellent communicator, the Executive Director sets goals for the organization, builds culture, leads the high-performing management team, manages the agency budget and allocates resources appropriately, forges alliances, and builds partnerships. The Executive Director is accountable to the 18–member SERRC Board of Directors and serves as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer.

Job Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree or higher in education, business, or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Understanding and/or willingness to learn about education in Alaska, especially in rural and geographically remote areas
  • Minimum of five years of successful administrative experience in public education, an education service agency, business, or a complementary nonprofit field
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of grant writing and administration
  • Ability to live in Juneau, Alaska, and travel for the organization as needed

Position Responsibilities:


  • Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the agency and official agent of the board
  • Exercise leadership in agency planning and operations
  • Lead and direct with vision a multi-faceted educational service agency that responds to statewide needs 
  • With an entrepreneurial mindset, identify areas of program development and implement appropriate solutions
  • Demonstrate ingenuity and imagination in the problem-solving process
  • Provide a system of ongoing development, support, and evaluation of staff that ensures a high level of productivity and efficiency
  • Work closely with the Board Chair to collaboratively plan and execute board meetings, actions, and activities
  • Commit to supporting equity and inclusion in all elements of the agency
  • Be highly motivated to expend the effort necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position
  • Maintain knowledge of current and emerging educational practices to improve student achievement in cooperation with the unique needs of urban and rural schools and adult education programs within Alaska and/or other rural/remote communities
  • Supervise all administrative and supervisory personnel
  • Plan for and monitor all fiscal operations
  • Provide direction regarding grant writing, grant administration, and program evaluation
  • Strategically manage large-scale initiatives and programs
  • Informs and advises the board on matters that will assist them in making sound decisions
  • Participate in all Region 16 Comprehensive Center Executive Leadership Team activities


  • Communicate and operate from strong ideals and beliefs about schooling
  • Engender trust in the organization among staff, customers, state agencies, and partners
  • Implement board actions and recommendations
  • Develop and maintain regular communication systems with the Board and staff
  • Demonstrate strong and effective written and oral communication skills
  • Work cooperatively and positively with and through diverse groups, including staff, administrators, board members, and partners
  • Incorporate appropriate technology in daily work
  • Demonstrate a professional presence when using personal and cooperative social media accounts 

General: Perform other duties necessary to fulfill the mission and strategic plan of the agency.

Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits

Position Duration: 260 Days annually

Our Purpose is to:

  • Provide specialized expertise and proven educational support to help Alaskan educators improve student achievement and efficiently leverage resources
  • Assist in creating schools that educators celebrate, parents expect, and children adore
  • Offer Southeast Alaskans the education and job training to achieve their dreams 

Our breadth of service is broad and diverse – from early learning, professional development and data coaching, to construction management, grant writing, and culturally-relevant instruction. 

SERRC operates more than 30 programs and services. Together with our district and community partners, we touch the lives of over 50,000 Alaskan students every year. 

With over 40 years of service to Alaskan schools and students, SERRC remains focused on quality service and has the knowledge and personnel to custom-fit solutions to Alaska’s unique educational challenges – at an affordable price. 

Salary: Competitive salary and benefits package

Application Process 

Qualified candidates should submit the following materials:

  • Letter of interest
  • Current resume
  • Completed application in AppliTrack
  • Written response to the following prompt: What is the current and future role of SERRC in Alaska’s education landscape?
  • College/University transcripts
  • Three letters of reference
  • Application Deadline: February 26
  • Round One Interviews: April 5 – 6
  • Round Two Interviews: April 13
  • Anticipated Start: July 1

Submission Process: 

SERRC will be assisted in the application, submission, and selection process by the Association of Educational Service Agencies’ [AESA] Chief Operations Officer John Bass. 

Electronic submissions (preferred method) should be sent to:

John Bass, Chief Operating Officer Association of Educational Service Agencies

Subject: SERRC Executive Director Search 

Any print materials should be sent to: 

John Bass SERRC Search Consultant 

Association of Educational Service Agencies 

4031 FM 1463 Road – Suite 40-282 

Katy, TX 77494

Selection Process: 

After initial interviews are conducted by SERRC’s Interview Committee, final candidates and a guest will be invited to participate in the final interviews on-site in Juneau, Alaska. Extenuating circumstances may result in a change to this process. After final interviews, a finalist will then be recommended to the full SERRC Board of Directors for final appointment approval. 

Questions about the application, submission, or selection process should be addressed to: 

John Bass, Chief Operating Officer 

Association of Educational Service Agencies

(806) 290-3092 

Questions about SERRC should be addressed to: 

Sheryl Weinberg, Executive Director

210 Ferry Way 

Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 586-6806

Candidate Application Process

To apply for any of the AASB-facilitated searches you will need to go to our online application system at and complete a candidate profile.  Once you have done that you may then access the specific Alaska district vacancies and any other out-of-state vacancies using the REVELUS system. 

Please download the directions to create your Revelus account (Guide to Creating a Revelus Profile). AASB will no longer accept application materials emailed or mailed to our office in our search process. Candidates can only apply through  Every applicant applying for a superintendent position through AASB will be required to complete a background check. The background check will include a national criminal background check, a sex offender list check, and an SSN trace for each applicant. An education, employer, and professional license verification are also conducted.

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Superintendent Openings Email

More Info

Email Lon Garrison, Executive Director, or call (907) 463-1668.

Superintendent Search FAQ
Who conducts superintendent searches?

Each search is facilitated by a member of the Association staff. Norm Wooten and Timi Tullis are the primary search consultants.

How will AASB know what the board and district need in a superintendent?

The AASB search consultant will meet with the board to identify the district priorities and specific selection criteria. The Board will use this information throughout the search to identify the most suitable candidates for the position.

How can the board include the community in identifying needs and priorities?

Districts have utilized a variety of approaches to involve community and staff in the search process. These approaches include using the district’s website for an interested individual to provide input into the qualifications and personal attributes for the new superintendent; having parent organizations and staff respond to a formal questionnaire regarding what is desired in a new superintendent; identifying a committee representing a cross-section of interested parties to meet with the search consultant; and a host of other less formal approaches.

Can the community be involved in the selection of candidates?

Most boards have finalists meet with the community in an open forum when the finalists are on-site. These sessions, moderated by the AASB search consultant, are structured to invite questions from the audience. In districts where multiple communities are involved, video conferencing has been utilized effectively to involve all interested constituents.

Who will review the candidate applications?

The Association has a formal application that all candidates must complete to be considered for the position. In most cases, the completed application is accompanied by the candidate’s professional portfolio and a minimum of three confidential references provided on AASB forms. Each candidate’s complete application file will be reviewed by the Board of Education when determining candidates to be interviewed.

How many candidates does the board interview?

Most Boards select three or four candidates to interview in the district. Travel and accommodations are almost always paid by the district.

What questions should the board ask of candidates?

The AASB consultant will guide the interviews and assist the board in the development of questions that pertain to the selection criteria.

How long will the search take?

A thorough search can take as long as three months from the initial workshop that identifies board priorities and candidate criteria through the selection of the new superintendent. Searches that occur in the late spring are usually expedited to better ensure a candidate pool and provide sufficient time for the successful candidate to assume responsibility as the new superintendent by July 1.

How does the Association’s Superintendent Search Service differ from other consultants?

Association staff does not select superintendents or superintendent finalists. That is the sole responsibility of the board. AASB helps ensure the search results in the best candidate for the district, not the best district for a particular candidate. AASB is committed to relieving the burdensome “tasks” associated with a search, so that board members can focus their energy on determining the best candidate to move the district forward for students.

How often will the search consultant be in the district?

For most searches, the search consultant will be in the district on four occasions:

  1. An initial meeting to familiarize the board with the search process, establish timelines and other search parameters and identify selection criteria.
  2. A second meeting to determine the candidates to be interviewed. This session also allows the board to prepare for the on-site candidate visit and the development of formal interview questions.
  3. A third meeting when the candidates are on-site for interviews and the new superintendent is selected and contract parameters determined.
  4. A final meeting is scheduled after the new superintendent is in the district. This workshop helps to clarify board and superintendent responsibilities and priorities to help ensure a positive beginning to the relationship.
AASB-Facilitated Superintendent Searches

The Association of Alaska School Boards Superintendent Search Service offers maximum flexibility to Alaska School Boards and assures the Board has total control of the selection and appointment process. The search team performs the legwork associated with the search, allowing the Board to concentrate on the most critical steps in the search; setting the criteria, interviewing the most qualified candidates and selecting the next superintendent.

Search facilitation fees are based on the level of assistance that the Board may require regarding the search. This can range from a packet of information to help you conduct your own search to various levels of involvement and facilitation including a fully supported search. Fees are also based on your ADM. Our facilitated searches now include exclusive and required online document management for all application materials.

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More Info

For more information about working with AASB to manage your superintendent search, please contact:

Email Lon Garrison, Executive Director, or call (907) 463-1668

Email Heather Shaw, Executive Administrative Assistant, or call (907) 463-1660