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Sharpen your skills skills and connect with colleagues to reach new heights as an effective board member. AASB offers a wide variety of training session, workshops and events throughout the year that are targeted to the needs of school boards. See our complete list of training and events below.

Upcoming Events – Listings and registration for upcoming webinars, conferences, and workshops.

Previous Events – Recordings and resource materials from previous webinars, conferences, and workshops.

Previous Webinars – Previous webinar recordings and materials are listed here by date.

Training Workshops – Customized board and leadership team training, facilitation, consultation, and advice.

AASB’s Annual Conference
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AASB’s Annual Conference is the premier training event held each November in Anchorage for Alaska school boards. This multi-day conference provides a unique opportunity for board members and their superintendents from across the state to gather for both association business, to learn about good boardsmanship, and discuss some of the latest hot topics in education. The conference program features renowned speakers, education clinics, a banquet and boardsmanship awards evening, association business meetings, AASB Board of Director elections, and the adoption of the association’s resolutions, “Where We Stand.” 2023 was AASB’s 70th Annual Conference.

Boardsmanship Academies
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Held three times a year — Fall, Winter, and Spring — these Boardsmanship Academies offer board members an opportunity to hone boardsmanship skills and expand their knowledge of issues affecting students and schools in Alaska. Academy topics range from school law, school finance, policy development, curriculum, early learning, personnel, lobbying, equity, CTE, legislative priorities, distance education, and more. The 2019 Winter Boardsmanship Academy featured the first-ever School Law Day and Equity Day.

The Fall Boardsmanship Academy alternates its location between Anchorage and Fairbanks each year and has a rotating curriculum of boardsmanship topics such as school finance, board standards, school law, budgets, meeting conduct, administrator training, teacher retention and several other timely topics.

The Winter Boardsmanship Academy, a two-day session held in Anchorage in mid-December, focuses on issues like school law, equity, culturally responsive education, and policy, to name a few topics.  In conjunction with this academy, AASB offers the Executive Administrative Assistant Workshop tailored for district Administrative Assistants, covering a range of topics that include policy, managing personnel files, Robert’s Rules, and more!

In late March or early April, the Spring Boardsmanship Academy covers a rotating list of subjects such as board and superintendent relations, community engagement, and board self-evaluation, to name a few. 

AASB Legislative Fly-ins & Youth Advocacy Institute
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Held at the start of the legislative session (February) in Juneau, the Legislative Fly-in equips board members with the basics of the legislative process and helps districts connect with their legislative delegation. In addition to meeting with legislators, board members learn about legislation that will impact their district, issues influencing education in Alaska and the nation, how to be more effective leaders on their board, successes of other districts across the state, and more. The other half of this event is the Leadership Academy, focusing on advocacy and leadership skills for board members.

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Youth Advocacy Institute: – Additionally, the Leadership Academy & Legislative Fly-in welcomes students to participate in the Youth Advocacy Institute (YAI). YAI offers an opportunity for students from across the state to hone leadership skills and develop a strong voice in their school and community. For more information on YAI, contact Claudia Plesa.

Maintenance Employees Conference
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This two-day workshop is held every October for maintenance directors and employees to share and gain knowledge about the vital role that facilities maintenance plays in the management of an effective learning environment for students. Topics include school energy use, safety, preventative maintenance, tips on going green, round table discussions, and more!

Executive Administrative Assistants Training
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This training, tailored for district Executive Administrative Assistants across Alaska, covers a range of topics that include policy, managing personnel files, successful tips and ideas for efficiencies, hiring and dismissal of employees, Robert’s Rules, and more! This training is held in conjunction with the Winter Boardsmanship Academy.

Charter School Academy
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These Academic Policy Committee’s (APC) Boardsmanship and Priority Setting workshops are designed to enhance the boardsmanship skills and guide the APC through a recognized planning process to help the Charter School reach its goals.

APC Boardsmanship Workshop – This workshop can be conducted with one charter school or all charter schools in your district. The purpose of the Boardsmanship workshop is to help APC members work together with their school and district in promoting educational excellence. This workshop can be tailored to fit the school and district needs. Topics covered include: Examination & Discussion of Board Standards, Charter School Law, Charter School & School District Communication, Policy, Procedures & Practices, What Impacts Decisions Made in Schools?, Effective Meetings, Roles & Responsibilities, and Alaska Open Meetings Law.

APC Priority Setting Workshop – This workshop is designed to be conducted with individual charter schools. It leads the APC and school through a planning process for the school year. Topics covered include: Internal and External Analysis, School and Community Concerns, Critical Issues, and Establishing Priorities.

Charter School APC brochure

Custom Board Trainings
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AASB provides in-district workshops on topics such as Teamwork, Board/Superintendent Relations, School Board Self-Evaluation, Goal Setting, and more. We are more than willing to work with your district to develop tailored workshops or facilitate group work sessions that meet your needs.

For more information on what AASB has to offer or to develop a specific custom training session for your district or school, contact our Board Development Team.