Our range of support services are designed to assist you and your team in achieving goals quickly and efficiently.

AASB prides itself on offering a variety of relevant, innovative services to our membership. Our experienced staff will work with your district, schools, board, and community to meet your needs in improving and sustaining high student achievement.

Questions? For more information contact Tiffany Jackson, Director of Membership Services, or Timi Tullis, Associate Executive Director, at (907) 463-1660.

See a list of our services below.

Board Development Services

Board Development – Whether you are a new or an experienced board member, AASB’s board development team and services are here for you.

Policy Services – AASB supports school boards as they undertake policy making, and to help facilitate an efficient process. Our services include consultation, workshops, research, samples, a policy reference manual, and custom policy development.

Strategic Planning – AASB’s facilitated process is designed to actively engage community members, educators, parents, business leaders, students, and board members.

Superintendent Searches & Openings – Our search team performs the legwork, allowing boards to concentrate on interviewing the most qualified candidates.

June Nelson Memorial Scholarship – Supporting Alaska students in their post-high school education pursuits.

Charter School Resources – As public schools in Alaska, Charter Schools within member AASB districts are eligible to utilize Board Development services, like custom workshops, and the Charter School Academy held every other year.

Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy – Advocating at the legislative level for education is about making your voice heard and taking action on behalf of your school district. Understanding and involvement in Alaska’s legislative process is your key to creating a better education system.

Conditions for Learning

School Climate – How students, staff and families feel about their school’s climate and how connected they are to adults and peers impacts students’ motivation to learn and the ability of school staff to create positive conditions needed for learning.

Social & Emotional Learning – SEL is a comprehensive systems approach that supports children, youth and adults in developing skills for school and life.

Partnerships and Grants – AASB works with partners and member school districts to improve outcomes for students through grants, funding collaborations, and other agreements.

Family-School Partnerships – How families and educators can work together to support children’s growth and success from birth through high school and beyond.

Early Childhood – Programs to equip children with the skills needed for kindergarten and beyond.

Using Data for Impact – Data collection tools include AASB’s School Climate and Connectedness Survey (SCCS), district attendance data, formative assessments, PEAKS testing, the Alaska Developmental Profile, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), and others.

Community Coordination & Dialogues – Collective Impact support, facilitating Community-School partnerships, Host training for dialogues, Community Conversations, and more.

Youth Leadership & Engagement – We help develop sustainable local community engagement efforts guided and maintained by local community members.

Trauma-Engaged Services – Trauma-engaged services change the way we think about learning and school environments to more fully support the needs of the whole student and address trauma.

Cultural ResponsivenessMore information coming soon!