Our range of support services are designed to assist you and your team in achieving goals quickly and efficiently.

AASB prides itself on offering a variety of relevant, innovative services to our membership. Our experienced staff will work with your district, schools, board, and community to meet your needs in improving and sustaining high student achievement.

Questions? For more information contact Lon Garrison, Director of Membership Services, or Timi Tullis, Associate Executive Director, at (907) 463-1660.

See a list of of our services below.

Board Development
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Learn about AASB’s framework connecting each board standard to student success.

Board Policy and Support
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A range of services to support and improve your board policy making process.

Superintendent Searches & Openings
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Our search team performs the legwork, allowing boards to concentrate on interviewing the most qualified candidates.

Legislative Advocacy
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Understanding Alaska’s legislative process is your key to creating a better education system.

Using Data for Impact
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School Climate
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Feeling safe, connected, and welcomed is all about relationships – which extend well beyond a school building.

Cultural Responsiveness
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Trauma Engaged Practices
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Social & Emotional Learning
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Partnerships and Grants
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Family-School Partnerships
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Early Childhood
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Youth Leadership & Engagement
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We help develop sustainable local community engagement efforts guided and maintained by local community members.

June Nelson Memorial Scholarship
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Supporting Alaska students in their post-high school education pursuits.