AASB 2023 Resolutions

November 10. 2023

On behalf of President Marie Greene, here is an important AASB Resolutions document for the AASB membership in accordance with AASB Board Policy 212. Click the links below to view the PDF.

October 15, 2023

On behalf of President Marie Greene, here are two important AASB Resolutions documents for the AASB membership in accordance with AASB Board Policy 212. Click the links below to view the PDFs.

  1. 2024 WHERE WE STAND – Draft #3 (to be used by the Resolutions Committee on November 9, 2023)
  2. 2024 NEW AND AMENDED SUBMISSIONS – a compilation of the proposed new and amended resolutions for 2024

August 1, 2023

Re: Call for Resolutions (Response due by Oct. 10, 2023)

AASB is soliciting resolutions, resolution amendments and comments from local school boards for consideration at the 2023 Annual Conference on Nov. 9-12th at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage. These resolutions guide our association for the coming year beginning November 13, 2023. They also guide our advocacy and positions during the upcoming legislative session.

AASB asks each school board to carefully review the resolutions packet.  It is critically important our resolutions adequately cover the issues facing school boards and public education, so please think carefully about the issues facing your district, and possibly others across the state.

The following reference documents may be viewed online or downloaded:

The AASB Board of Directors at its July 2023 meeting reviewed the current resolutions scheduled to sunset.  The AASB Board has recommended the renewal of all resolutions that are currently scheduled to sunset. 

As school districts are reviewing the resolutions, and considering any suggested new resolutions or amendments to current resolutions, the AASB suggests districts consider the following topics which are not currently covered by a resolution of AASB.  Without a resolution, AASB cannot take a position if approached by the legislature, or other parties.

To comment on or put forward suggested resolution changes, AASB requests your board schedule time to discuss the resolutions at a regular meeting and vote by official board action.  The deadline specified by AASB bylaws for the AASB office to receive your comments and proposals is Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

We require all submissions of comments, new resolutions, or amended resolutions be submitted digitally via google form by October 10, 2023.  To submit a comment, new resolution, or amendment, please us the 2023 AASB Resolution Submission Form.

All resolutions received will be compiled, and a complete set of resolutions containing proposals from districts will be sent back to your board 20 days before the annual conference, which is Oct. 21, 2023. If you have any questions regarding the resolutions, please email Tiffany Jackson at tjackson@nullaasb.org, or call 463-1666.

Two webinars are scheduled to review the Resolutions Process. 

  • The first webinar was held on Wednesday, August 23rd, at noon AST. A Zoom video recording of the webinar is available below.
  • A repeat of the first webinar will occur on Wednesday, August 30th, at noon ASTREGISTER HERE

Webinars will be hosted by Tiffany Jackson to review the process and answer any questions.

Thank you for your board’s continued commitment to providing every student with an excellent education, every day!  We look forward to receiving your comments, amendments, and resolutions.


Margo Bellamy, Resolutions Committee Chair