Board Standards – Process

Several districts are already adopting these standards as a way of becoming accountable to their communities. How do we begin the process of implementing board standards? Some suggestions being used throughout the state are offered for your use:

  • Place board standards on the agenda for a work session and have an open discussion on their applicability in your district.
  • Place board standards on your agenda for a regular meeting and hold a public vote on their adoption to demonstrate to the public your commitment to standards.
  • Build your goal setting session around your standards to create your vision for student achievement.
  • Create a “seamless” connection between the board vision and the classroom instruction.
  • Take a look at your policy and incorporate your standards into the appropriate section.
  • Create a community task force to develop locally relevant performance indicators for the standards. Help them understand that the term “public servant” has real meaning for board members.
  • Print your standards under the district logo and prominently display in the schools and public buildings throughout the district.
  • Schedule board members to speak at service clubs, student groups and public gatherings about our actions and what board standards mean to you–and how it will positively affect student achievement.