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The board creates a shared vision to enhance student achievement.

1.1 Board develops a dynamic shared vision for education that reflects student needs and community priorities.

1.2 Board keeps the district and community focused on educating students.

1.3 Board demonstrates its strong commitment to vision by using the shared vision to guide decision-making.


The board provides a structure that supports the vision.

2.1 Board establishes a management system that results in effective decision-making processes and enables all the people to help the district achieve its vision and make the best use of its resources.

2.2 Board ensures that long and short-term plans are developed and annually revised through a process involving extensive participation, information gathering, research, and reflection.

2.3 Board sets high instructional standards based on the best available information about the knowledge and skills students will need in the future.

2.4 Board acts to ensure vision and structure comply with legal requirements.

2.5 Board encourages and supports innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and the continuous renewal of education.


The board measures district performance toward accomplishing the vision and reports the results to the public.

3.1 Board receives regular reports on student progress and needs based on a variety of assessments to evaluate the quality and equity of the educational program.

3.2 Board evaluates the superintendent and board performance annually and reports the result to the public.

3.3 Board ensures long and short-term plans are evaluated and revised with the needs of students in mind.

3.4 The board uses an understandable format to periodically report district performance to the public.



The board champions the vision.

4.1 Board leads in celebrating the achievements of students and accomplishments of others who contribute to education.

4.2 Board advocates for children and families and establishes strong relationships with parents and other mentors to help support students.

4.3 Board establishes partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations to promote educational opportunities for all students.

4.4 Board promotes school board service as a meaningful way to make long-term contributions to the local community and society.

4.5 The board is proactive in identifying and addressing issues that affect students’ education.

Conduct & Ethics

The board and its individual members conduct district business in a fair, respectful, and responsible manner.

5.1 Board and its individual members act in a manner that reflects service to the community on behalf of students.

5.2 Board demonstrates a commitment to continually improving teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making skills through a conscious program of board development.

5.3 Expenditures for board activities are clearly identified in the budget, related to the district vision, and open to public scrutiny.

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