Resources for Parents and Educators with Students at Home

Now that Alaska schools have closed in response to the coronavirus, teachers, parents, and caregivers are searching for new ways to deliver instruction and daily activities that are educational, creative and entertaining for students. If you are facing this challenge, there are many online resources listed here that can help, as well as numerous companies offering their platforms and materials for free. This list is being updated frequently, so check back to see what’s new. Have a suggestion? Send it here

Alaska Books 

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Early Childhood

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Educational Tools


Family Resources

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Virtual Field Trips

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YouTube Educational Videos

Art Videos

  • Art for Kids Hub has an enormous range of ‘How to Draw’ videos and art/craft ideas.
  • 5-Minute Crafts Play shares craft ideas, experiments, and tricks that you can try together.
  • Disney Junior also has a playlist of videos from their Art Attack series.
  • Easy Kids Craft has lots of enjoyable craft activities that you can complete.
  • Free School has a playlist of videos that can teach your children about famous artists from history.

English Videos

General Videos

Geography Videos

History Videos

Maths Videos

Music Videos

  • RelaxDaily has an extensive collection of calming music that your children can play as part of mindfulness activities, or when they are working on other educational tasks.
  • Kidz Bop produces child-friendly versions of popular songs. Can your children learn some of the lyrics or dance along with the moves shown in the videos?
  • Classical Kids Storytime features children’s stories that are accompanied by classical music.
  • Free School has playlists to teach your children about Beethoven and Mozart.

Physical Education Videos

Science Videos

  • Happy Learning English has a large collection of videos about humans, animals, and plants.
  • Learn about amazing animals with this playlist from National Geographic Kids.
  • Hopscotch produces many educational videos. This playlist has songs about habitats, the continents, oceans, and planets.
  • Operation Ouch produces educational videos about the human body.
  • Homeschool Pop has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics.
  • SciShow Kids has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world.
  • Science Max carries out huge science experiments. Could your children try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale, at home?