Resources for Parents and Educators with Students at Home

In March 2020, Alaska schools were closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers, parents, and caregivers were searching for new ways to deliver instruction and daily activities that were educational, creative and entertaining for students. For those facing this challenge, this list of online resources was developed to help.

Alaska Books 

Alaska Native / American Indian


Computer Science


Free Digital Cooking Classes For Kids Every Week Day

Distance Learning

Early Childhood

Educational Activities

Educational Content

Educational Tools


Fall School Reopening Information

Family Resources


General Resources



Home School Design

Informative Articles and Resources for School & District Leaders

Internet Service Providers



Mental Health

  • Child Mind Institute: How Mindfulness Can Help During Covid-19 – Tips for calming anxiety during a difficult time
  • *NEW* KQED Mind Shift: Six Age-Appropriate Books and Resources for Teaching Kids about COVID-19 – Adults and children have a lot of questions about COVID-19. These six resources developed by teachers, epidemiologists and global journalists can help deepen a student’s understanding of the topic.
  • Child Mind Institute: Supporting Families During COVID-19 – A wealth of resources for educators and familities
  • Psychology Today: Parenting During COVID-19 – Advice for how parents can support their kids and themselves at home
  • PBS: How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus – Advice for how parents can support their kids and themselves at home
  • 10 Percent Happier: Corona Virus Sanity Guide – Meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos.
  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence: Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19 – Between the uncertainty, the real health risks, and the hype, fear and anxiety are feelings that are both valid and common. This resource provides a few ideas for managing those feelings.
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Public Health Resources – These resources will help you think about how an infectious disease outbreak might affect your family— both physically and emotionally—and what you can do to help your family cope in times of public health emergencies.
  • Edutopia: Teacher, Interrupted: Leaning into Social-Emotional Learning Amid the Covid-19 Crisis – Advice for how to use evidence-based SEL to support ourselves and our students when we eventually return to school
  • Edutopia: Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment – Advice for coping through this difficult time.
  • Using Zoom for Tele-therapy – Anchorage Community Mental Health Services and Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services are using Zoom to connect with clients. A picture is worth a thousand words, so when possible, we use Zoom to connect with video. We use an encrypted version of Zoom that is compliant with healthcare privacy laws.
  • Mobile App: COVID Coach – The COVID Coach app was created for everyone, including Veterans and Servicemembers, to support self-care and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Features include education about coping during the pandemic, tools for self-care and improving emotional well-being, graphs to visualize progress over time. Download: iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  • UAA Psychological Services Center (PSC) is offering free telehealth COVID-19 Coping Sessions for people struggling with sadness, loneliness, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation or other behavioral health issues. Call 786-1795 to schedule.
  • Careline is free and confidential. Contact us if you are in crisis, you are a survivor (of an attempt, or if you lost someone to suicide), you are grieving, you are concerned about someone, you are feeling down and need someone to talk to. 1-877-266-4357


Non-Profit & Small Business Assistance

Alaska plans to take applications for small-business aid. To apply, a business needs to complete a copy of the business grant application, a copy of the current business license, all documents needed to open a business account with Credit Union 1, and a completed list of “eligible expenses.”

Parent Resources


Nikon is offering free online photography classes for all of April

Physical & Movement



Remote Teaching

  • Global Online Academy: Designing for Online Learning – Our current global context requires developing and implementing remote learning plans when it becomes impossible to keep brick and mortar schools open. Educators may not know how to get started or may want specific strategies to ensure quality online learning experiences for students. Our new course, Designing for Online Learning, is a “nuts and bolts” primer on online teaching and learning for educators.
  • LINC Learning: Coronavirus Resource Center – Tools and guides to shift to online learning.
  • LINC Learning: Critical tools to support Distance Learning – A slide deck that describes all of their tools for shifting to online teaching.
  • Chronicle of Higher Ed: How to Be a Better Online Teacher – Most of the shift to online learning has happened in higher ed. This guide, originally written for higher ed, may be very useful to elementary and secondary education teachers who are now doing the same.
  • Education Week: Remember, Online Learning Isn’t the Only Way to Learn Remotely – Article that describes ways teachers can encourage students to learn remotely offline (in addition to the online materials) to build valuable skills.
  • ASCD: Transitioning to Online Learning: Pro Tips on What You Need to Know – An article and interview about transitioning to online learning.

Remote Working

Resource Collections

  • Common Sense Media: Wide Open School – Common Sense and 25 organizations worked together to collect the best digital learning resources.
  • EBSCO: Information and free resources for schools and libraries impacted by Covid-19 – Free content curated specifically for schools and public libraries. Includes free content to support distance learning, study guides and flash reviews in PDF format to help students prepare for exams, and activities to keep kids (and their parents) busy while in quarantine
  • LEAP Innovations: Sifting Through the Digital Learning Options – The Most Powerful Personalized Learning Edtech Tools Curated by LEAP
  • Teach For America: COVID-19 Teaching Resource Hub – A collection of news stories and resources on COVID-19, advocating for educational equity in the face of COVID, online teaching support, curriculum resources, and school management resources.
  • ISTE & Friends: Learning Keeps Going – Curated collection of tips, technology resources, news and expert advice so you can make informed decisions as you provide online learning experiences. There is also a help desk button.
  • EdReimagined: Distance Learning Resource Center – Table of resources that are relevant to distance learning. Topics include: For Learning, For Parents, For Educators, For Communities, For Information and Updates on COVID-19, For Lifting Spirits, Additional Libraries of Resources from Other Organizations.
  • EdWeek: Schools and Coronavirus – Relevant news, information, and resources on how schools are being impacted by Coronavirus.
  • TNTP: Resources for Learning at Home When Schools Close – List of home learning resources and strategies. They are also doing free planning session for system leaders.
  • PIE Network: Rapid Response Resources – Library of resources for a range of audiences from system to family level
  • Nordic Education: Remote Learning Resources from the Nordic Countries – To support the teachers and parents in this new situation, Nordic countries have opened up their e-learning solutions for the world for free. Here are 40+ remote learning solutions from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.
  • NGLC: School Closures: Practitioner Resources for Teaching & Learning – Thoughtfully curated set of resources for what schools need right now, including communication, next gen learning, equity, SEL, and more.
  • New York Times: Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Thinking Critically – Continuously updated content related to teaching and learning during school closures.
  • The 74 Million: Districts’ Early Plans – The top 12 districts across the US share their early plans for teaching, learning, and supports during the pandemic in this database

School & System Action Plans



Statewide Safety Services

Students with Special Needs

Technology Teaching Tools



Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Teaching Tips

YouTube Educational Videos

Art Videos

  • Art for Kids Hub has an enormous range of ‘How to Draw’ videos and art/craft ideas.
  • 5-Minute Crafts Play shares craft ideas, experiments, and tricks that you can try together.
  • Disney Junior also has a playlist of videos from their Art Attack series.
  • Easy Kids Craft has lots of enjoyable craft activities that you can complete.
  • Free School has a playlist of videos that can teach your children about famous artists from history.

English Videos

  • The Alphablocks are living letters who appear in wonderful videos to help your children learn about phonics and develop their reading skills.
  • KidsTV123 has a large playlist of phonics videos that children can watch.
  • Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids has lots of animated stories to enjoy. Can your children retell the story to you after they have watched one of the videos?
  • BBC Teach has a playlist of English videos to teach your children about punctuation and stories. It also includes ideas for writing, songs and more.
  • CBeebies have a playlist of their Bedtime Stories, in which people read popular children’s books. Why not record your own version on a mobile device?
  • Watch this collection of book trailers from Scholastic. Could you make a trailer for one of your favorite books?

General Videos

Geography Videos

History Videos

Maths Videos

Music Videos

  • RelaxDaily has an extensive collection of calming music that your children can play as part of mindfulness activities, or when they are working on other educational tasks.
  • Kidz Bop produces child-friendly versions of popular songs. Can your children learn some of the lyrics or dance along with the moves shown in the videos?
  • Classical Kids Storytime features children’s stories that are accompanied by classical music.
  • Free School has playlists to teach your children about Beethoven and Mozart.

Physical Education Videos

Science Videos

  • Happy Learning English has a large collection of videos about humans, animals, and plants.
  • Learn about amazing animals with this playlist from National Geographic Kids.
  • Hopscotch produces many educational videos. This playlist has songs about habitats, the continents, oceans, and planets.
  • Operation Ouch produces educational videos about the human body.
  • Homeschool Pop has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics.
  • SciShow Kids has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world.
  • Science Max carries out huge science experiments. Could your children try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale, at home?