AASB’s 2022 December Conferences – Registration Now Open!

An exciting lineup of engaging and informative training sessions designed for School Board members, Executive Administrative Assistants, and Student Leaders is coming your way in December!

$425 Registration Fee

Executive Administrative Assistants Training

December 8 & 9, Anchorage Hilton

AASB’s annual Executive Administrative Assistants Training is an opportunity for Executive Admins from around the state to connect, learn and engage with each other. 

Topics covered during this year’s training will include: 

  • Your Role as Board Secretary
  • Keeping Track of Policies
  • New Laws & Regulations
  • Your Role in School Board Elections and Orientations
  • School Law
  • and more! 


$425 Registration Fee

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Winter Boardsmanship Academy

December 9 & 10, Anchorage Hilton

Friday, December 9 – School Law & Policy Day

Join John Sedor as we journey into the world of collective bargaining. Negotiations professionals from multiple perspectives will help us explore this critical aspect of public education including: Attorney and Negotiator Saul Friedman, NEA-Alaska, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Commissioner Ligia Velasquez, and Front-Line Spokespersons and Participants (who will be named later).

Saturday, December 10 – Equity Day

Equity Day will focus on Equity within the Science of Reading as well as connect with students this year’s Youth on Boards- to connect, plan together, and discuss best ways to work together.


$325 Registration Fee

Youth On Boards

December 9 & 10, Anchorage Hilton

AASB is proud to offer student school board representatives, and aspiring student representatives, training on how to serve on a school board. This new two-day training for student school board representatives will happen at the same time as the Winter Boardsmanship Academy. Scholarships are available.

Sessions will include: 

  • How to serve on and work together with a School Board
  • Advocating for self and peers
  • Making policy changes 
  • Effective joint decisions

Student leaders and board members will also have opportunities to connect, plan together, and discuss best ways to work together. If your school district has a Youth Representative on your board, they may benefit from this training. 

For more information on Youth on Boards, contact Claudia Plesa.


Youth On Boards workshop information flyer

More information on best practices for supporting Student Board Members