2022 School Climate & Connectedness Survey (SCCS) Registration Open!

SCCS is a research-backed survey that collects valid and reliable perception data to better understand and build a positive school climate in your school district.

Each year, the majority of Alaska school districts collect and use school climate data to improve and strengthen school environments, relationships, and connections between students, staff, & families.

This year districts choose a five-week window between January 17- March 26 for students and staff to take the survey. 

SCCS’s interactive survey platform through Panorama Education makes survey administration, reporting, and analysis interactive and user-friendly. Participating districts also receive:

  • Free webinars and ongoing training support to oversee survey administration, and how to use the interactive platform.
  • Support on how to use survey results that includes on-site workshops or virtual conferences led by AASB staff.

For more information, please reach out to Jenni Lefing.