AASB Board of Directors Elections and Nominating Procedures

Before submitting a nomination form, please read the following Elections and Nominating Procedures.

Election Procedures

The Association of Alaska School Boards is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of
15 members elected at large from throughout the state. To qualify for a seat on the Board as a director, a nominee shall be a member of a Board of Education which is in good standing with the Association.

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations, interview candidates and recommend a balanced slate of candidates to the membership at the AASB Annual Conference in November.

Criteria considered by the Nominating Committee will include demonstrated leadership and experience, candidate’s statewide perspective and vision of the future for school boards, adaptability, and time available to devote to AASB Board service. Additionally the Nominations Committee will consider how the candidate will complement the geographical representation, urban, rural and ethnic makeup of the Board.

Nominations must be made by official action of the school board on which the nominee is a member.

Nominating Procedures

  1. All nominations must be received in the AASB office by October 15, 2019.
  2. Prepare background information accurately and completely, stating:
    1. Name and address;
    2. Length of term for which candidate is being nominated;
    3. Name of local school board;
    4. Dates of service, year current term expires;
    5. Offices held;
    6. Other education-related awards, services, trainings or recognitions;
    7. Other non-education related public service or cultural activities at the local, state, or national level;
    8. Evidence of demonstrated advocacy for children;
    9. Personal data: education, present and previous occupations, membership in professional or fraternal organizations
  3. Nominations forms should be accompanied by a written statement from the nominee regarding that individual’s views on areas relating to AASB listed on the nominations form.
  4. Nominee should submit a signed copy of the AASB Board of Directors Code of Ethics.
  5. Record of official action of the school board of which the nominee is a member and signature of the school board president or designee.
  6. Submit nomination using the online form (preferred) or:
    1. Email to: Heather Shaw
    2. Fax to: (907) 586-2995 Attn: Nominations Committee Chairperson c/o Heather Shaw
    3. Mail to: Nominations Committee Chairperson c/o Heather Shaw, Association of Alaska School Boards, 1111 West 9th Street, Juneau, AK 99801