AASB Membership Defines Where-We-Stand in 2018

AASB President-Elect Mike Swain presides over the delegate assembly meeting.

The AASB resolutions process culminated on Sunday, November 12th at the Anchorage Hilton hotel when the membership, after some slight amending, voted to adopt the 129 resolutions, which define the positions and primary concerns of the Association of Alaska School Boards regarding education. AASB President-Elect, Michael Swain of the Bristol Bay School District skillfully led the delegate assembly on Sunday to complete the work for the year. All 35 sunsetting resolutions were approved to continue for another five years. The following ten new resolutions were approved for 2018:

  • 1.10 Urging NSBA To Create A Designated Seat For A Member Of National American Indian/Alaska Native Council of School Board Members.
  • 3.26 Supporting The Adoption Of Trauma-Informed And Culturally Relevant Practices To Improve Student Achievement And Reduce Behavioral Deficits For All Alaskan Students
  • 3.27 Support For The Treatment Of Abuse Of Opiates
  • 3.28 Education On The Dangers Of Tobacco And Marijuana Use And Secondhand Smoke
  • 3.29 Promoting Student Transportation Safety Programs
  • 4.16 Supporting Effective, Culturally- Integrated Pedagogy In Alaska
  • 5.23 Supporting Innovation And Collaboration To Improve Student Achievement For All Alaskan Students
  • 5.24 Recognizing The Valuable Educational Opportunities The Annual Elders & Youth Conference And AFN Convention Provides Students
  • 5.25 Education Of Gifted And Talented Students
  • 5.26 Request For An Alaska DEED Graduation Success Program For Students 19-21

The resolutions process in action!

The resolutions process for developing the 2018 Where-We-Stand document began with the AASB board meeting in July 2017. From that meeting, the board moved forward three new resolutions for the membership to consider. A call for resolutions and comments or amendments on all existing resolutions went out in early August. Districts were required to submit new or amended resolutions for the Resolutions Committee to review at the annual conference in November by October 11, 2017. All resolution submissions are now done digitally. Seven districts submitted new or amended resolutions.

The Resolutions Committee, chaired by Michael Swain, AASB President-Elect and supported by AASB staff Lon Garrison, met on Thursday, November 9th at the Anchorage Hilton. Approximately 30 school board members and 3 to 4 superintendents from 10 different districts participated in the committee work. Six sub-committees tackled the various sections of the resolutions document. A chairperson appointed by AASB President Peter Hoepfner led each sub-committee. Following is a list of the sub-committees and the chairs that did an excellent job in their task:

  • Governance – Heidi Young, Southeast Island SD
  • Funding #1 – Brandy Arrington – Nome Public Schools
  • Funding #2 – Eileen Herman, Delta/Greely SD
  • Child Advocacy – Darcy Booth, Annette Island SD
  • Personnel – Susie Sam, Galena City SD
  • Education Programs – Vern Carlson, Denali Borough SD

The AASB board of directors, executive committee and staff will now use the 2018 Where-We-Stand document as the basis for action, advocacy and comment on the wide array of issues that will face education in the coming year.

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