Creating Community During COVID-19

During this discussion more than 40 partners took inventory of how they are connecting with all students and families, especially vulnerable students and families. Some partners are using the multi-tiered system of support approach, really thinking about how to do universal outreach, more tailored outreach, and very specific strategies to ensure that all families and students are connected. 

Some ideas some of our partners voiced included connecting Juneau Lingit students with Hoonah elders over Zoom, transitioning summer arts/culture camps to be online, and continuing after-school programming over Zoom, along with many others. However, as these strategies lean heavily on teleconferencing, many partners also voiced concerns with Zoom fatigue and overwhelming students/families.

Unsurprisingly, some of the key discussions and strategies included authentic relationship building, self-care for staff, and SEL skills that can help all students, staff and families navigate the challenges of isolation and COVID-19 related stressors.