Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain: Zaretta Hammond & STEPS Partners

Fifty-two educational partners from early education, K-12 and post-graduation participated.  The participants included a diverse group of school district administrators, tribal organizations and non-profit staff, as well as community partners who are all working to support our students and families in their learning. 

This book study will continue through May 26th and provides participants an option to gain credit through doing additional final projects with AASB STEPS through UAS. Through this book study, Zaretta will be helping participants create more independent learners, not dependent, who will be able to learn more fully and effectively by using the Ready for Rigor framework to help us operationalize culturally responsive thinking. Two of the wrap around supports we’ve focused on in this work is Family Engagement and Cultural Responsive education.

During each of the meetings, there will be a segment that allows participants to ask for coaching to understand a concept between, connect the dots, or clear up any confusions about how this culturally responsive teaching practice applies in real life.

Overall, the session was a great success, with very positive feedback from our STEPS partners.
One participant said, “She uses common sense and science to help us understand how to build independent learners. I am excited to have Zaretta Hammond back in Alaska.”