Experienced Board Member Academy – Great School Board Meetings

The thick book of Robert’s Rules of Order contains simple principles and guidelines that can transform meetings. This interactive videoconference workshop will give you the tools to run board meetings that are efficient, fair, and democratic, even when members disagree.

Workshop Description

Topics covered include “who’s in charge” of the meeting; what do to when members are difficult or disruptive; how to hold powerful discussions; responding to inappropriate remarks; and making and amending motions. After taking this 3 hour workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the authority and role of chair, members and staff
  • Label 5 types of inappropriate remark
  • Use “Point of Order” and “Appeal” correctly
  • Make and amend a motion

Workshop Agenda

Presenter Bio

Ann G. Macfarlane developed her unique twist on Robert’s Rules of Order, “Jurassic Parliament,” in 2000. She offers an interactive and user-friendly way to master the key points for effective, efficient and fair meetings. Her background as a diplomat and a Russian translator enables her to connect with school board directors and staff and give them the tools they need for success.

With Andrew Estep, Ann is the author of Mastering Council Meetings: A guidebook for elected officials and local governments.. She is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian who blogs weekly at www.jurassicparliament.com.