Featured image testing

The theme appears to resize featured images on posts to 900×300. This is due to the theme expecting a sidebar, but I removed the sidebar. I will have to disable that behavior in the theme code.

Once you have disabled the sidebar theme code, will post featured images still be 900×300, or will they upscale to 1340? Also, will a photo I’ve added to the top of a post show up on the home page grid? Of does a post photo specifically need to be added to the featured image box to show up in a home page post?

Pages are different. It makes the featured image 1340 pixels wide to completely fill the main content area width. Anything smaller is upscaled to 1340.

So on a page (which doesn’t have a featured image capability), to prevent a photo from automatically being upscaled to 1340 to fit the page width, would I need to put the photo in one of the photo blocks to keep it at a smaller size?