How to go with the (policy) flow

Policy is a fluid process with needs for new policy and policy revisions coming up frequently (more frequently it seems, in recent times). Our AASB Model Policy Updates are now out so districts should be updating their policy manuals with this important data. Updating your district’s manual is important so you are current in new regulations and rules from agencies and statutes and laws from new legislation.

An example is the new Uniform Guidance from the Office of Management and Budget that is included in these updates (BP3310 – BP3312 and their Exhibits). For those districts subscribing to AASB’s policy update and policy online services, those updates are securely posted on our AASB website. An instruction sheet accompanies the updates so that you know which policies or administrative regulations require a board action or not. For those in our policy online service, those finalized policies are sent to Microscribe Publishing, our exclusive partner for our online database that has powerful search capabilities.

If you haven’t gotten your updates from our website yet, contact Ryan at 907.463.1660 or


Is your board policy manual up to date? If not, we can help by providing options for getting your policies up to date and maintained. Contact Bob Whicker to find out more.