Microcom has Led the Way in Satellite Communications for Over 30 Years

Through Microcom’s satellite services, Rural Alaskans will now be able to enjoy school connectivity at 1Mbps per student at a fraction of current costs. Our services empower digital economies, tele-health services, online banking, as well as remote employment throughout Alaska.

Expanded internet connectivity will allow corporations, tribes, and villages better ability to communicate with their shareholders and provide employment opportunities. Our satellite services will also provide redundant connectivity to areas where there is only one provider therefore increasing reliability for critical communications. 
Additional benefits will also come by using LEO and GEO services in tandem as a hybrid service. By combining Aurora high-throughput geostationary service with OneWeb low-earth-orbit service we will enable a hybrid broadband offering in 2022. New low-earth-orbit and geostationary satellite services will bring much needed broadband service to Alaska. However, the biggest impact and lowest cost service will come from combining these two new services together in a hybrid offering.

Using LEO and GEO technology together will combine the high-speed, high-throughput, and low cost GEO service with low latency LEO service and provide customers with the exact service requirement they need. There is no reason for a customer to purchase only higher cost LEO service when they might only need low latency service 10% of the time. By combining the two services together, Microcom can average costs down for customers and provide them the service they need at the lowest possible cost. Hybrid service is the future of communications in rural Alaska. 

Microcom is proud of its innovative solutions to our customers’ communication needs, which have resulted in many “firsts” in the satellite industry.

  • First commercial OneWeb activation in the World
  • First Alaskan direct-broadcast satellite reception system
  • First 24-hour live broadcast television reception in Alaska
  • First rural Alaska cable modem installation
  • First Alaskan Ku-Band satellite communications system

Mark Roetto, Director of Business Development, Microcom 

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