New report examines how to improve Alaska’s postsecondary outcomes

The Alaska College and Career Guidance Interview Findings and Guidance looks at why Alaska has among the lowest rates of postsecondary attainment in the nation and high rates of disconnected youth. Currently, one in five young adults in Alaska (ages 16-24) is not engaged in school or work. 

The report, which was commissioned by AASB from the McKinley Research Group, finds that Alaska has many strengths to draw on – such as tight-knit communities, strong cultural traditions, Tribes and Alaska Native entities, and a resourceful and resilient ethos. Alaskans also have relatively low-cost education and training opportunities, and potential access to significant untapped aid. 

The report and its appendix, the Bridging to the Future Framework, identify strategies and tools that career guides, school boards, and leaders can use to improve postsecondary outcomes.