Place-Based/Project-Based Learning in Yakutat

STEPS finished up the regional meeting with a session dedicated to Place Based Learning.  The session included an exciting share out from Sarah Israelson, Yakutat School District Elementary Teacher, who has been doing some amazing work in Yakutat.  Her efforts with the Summer Explorers program. The Yakutat School District has also been very proactive with adapting to COVID-19, doing such things as preparing hands-on PBL kits (backpacks with activities, Tlingit language resources, and more) and bringing these resources directly to families’ homes.

Sarah’s work provided inspiration on how to do hands-on learning that uses language, place, science, and exploratory skills.

Southeast partners from Sitka, Juneau, and working regionally recognized how they could really benefit sharing cultural, science, and other resources. Partners were interested in learning about scheduling, timetables, materials and lessons, and other innovative ways for delivery during Covid-19. This conversation will be continued on in the future. If you are interested, please contact Tyler Breen at

You can access the PDF handout for this session here.