Reflections on the 2020 RTI/MTSS Conference in Anchorage

The Alaska RTI/MTSS Effective Instruction conference was well attended with over one thousand participants. While academic, evidence-based strategies around literacy and math were offered, the primary focus was deeply rooted in social-emotional learning, well-being,and self-care. Many of the speakers highlighted the strength of student success around the importance of developing relationships in the school family. Sectionals were offered that supported how to establish, maintain, restore and strengthen connections between students as well as the school community. 

It was inspirational to see the number of communities that shared their intentions and actions for not only being trauma-informed but trauma engaged. All the copies of Transforming Schools: A Framework for Trauma-Engaged Practice in Alaska provided by DEED and brought up to the conference via AASB were quickly absorbed by the participants. There was an excitement in supporting a shift in thinking and having a statewide framework to unite and support working together to construct a better future for our children.

-Michelle Byer,