UPDATE: Student Learning Committee

Facilitator: Nancy Norman

Professional Development Specialist, Norman Consultant Services, Inc.

The Student Learning committee convened our first organizational meeting at the Fairbanks kickoff of Alaska’s Education Challenge last April. We were tasked by Governor Walker and Commissioner Johnson with developing recommendations for transformational ideas that can amplify learning for Alaska’s students. Our recommendations will be included in a draft report along with the other four committees that will be submitted to the State Board of Education by September 29 for their review.

Our committee’s diverse membership includes representation from school boards, superintendents, principals, teachers, and students, as well as tribal, business and government leaders.

During the summer months we met three times to discuss ideas and goals. While our recommendations are still very much in draft form and do not yet have the approval of the entire committee, our preliminary discussions have generally centered upon three main areas:

  • Clearly defining outcomes for student success by articulating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for P-20 students to succeed.
  • Access to quality learning experiences that are aligned with student success outcomes.
  • Making learning student-centered by involving students in decisions about what they learn, why they learn, and how they learn.

The Student Learning committee’s next meeting will be held August 29 to finalize the language and rationale for each goal we identify for inclusion in the draft report. All Alaska’s Education Challenge meetings are open to the public and are conducted via teleconference, with meeting audio live streamed on akl.tv.