Want to be part of moving public education forward in Alaska?

Tiffany Jackson, Director of Membership Services

Hopefully by now all Alaska School Board members have been notified that the nomination period to run for the AASB Board of Directors is open. Any school board member who is interested in the AASB Board of Directors is encouraged to submit their nomination. Nominations are due by October 8th!

For the first time, this year AASB held a webinar to answer questions about what is required of Directors, and their districts.  If you have time and bandwidth, you can watch the recording of this video here.

Don’t have the bandwidth or time to watch the video? Fear not, we’ve got you. Continue reading to review the process, and frequently asked questions here.

The Process

  1. Once a school board member has decided they’re interested in being nominated to serve on the AASB Board of Directors, they need approval from their local school board to submit the nomination. This formal action must be taken at a duly convened meeting of the School Board. Be sure to work with the President of the Board to get it on the agenda.
  2. Write your written statement addressing the prompts on the nomination:
    • This written statement should cover the following:
      • The nominee’s view on:
        • The appropriate role of AASB
        • Three major issues facing AASB in the near future
        • How AASB could better serve school boards
        • Ways AASB can help school board meet Board Standards.
    • This written statement will be shared with attendees at the AASB annual conference if your name is put forward as part of the nominated slate, or if you run from the floor.
  3. Complete the online form.
  4. Make sure you’re available the morning of November 4th, 2021 for the candidate breakfast in order to learn when your interview is.*
  5. Some time on November 4th, the nominations committee will interview all candidates nominated for the Board of Directors.*
  6. On Friday, the slate of candidates nominated will be announced to the membership.
    • Any candidate not nominated, who would like to run from the floor must notify AASB by Friday evening.
  7. On Saturday, all candidates nominated, and anyone running from the floor, will have two minutes to speak to the membership on why they should be elected to serve on the Board of Directors.
  8. On Sunday the membership then votes on who will serve on the Board of Directors.

*These steps may be modified this year due to COVID.

Newly elected board of directors’ responsibilities start immediately on Sunday, with their first board meeting starting right after the business meeting of the membership ends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Board of Directors do?

The powers and duties of the Board of Directors are similar to the powers and duties of the school board. The AASB Board of Directors:

  • Makes policy decisions
  • Employs the Executive Director and authorizes additional personnel
  • Approve the budget
  • Authorizes official publications of the association
  • Can enter into contracts, and has the sole power to contract for loans
  • Reviews progress on the long range plan, and updates it every three years

What are the time requirements of serving on the Board of Directors?

When serving on the AASB Board of Directors, each Director commits to the following:

  • Attend 3 in person meetings per year
    • November, day after the annual conference (1 day)
    • March, in conjunction with the legislative fly-in (1 day)
    • July (3 days)
  • Attend special meetings as required
    • May be digital or by teleconference
  • Participate in the Board Liaison Network as the primary contact for 3-4 districts
  • Participate in Board Development opportunities
  • Participate in committee meetings

What is my district responsible for?

When a school board supports one of their members submitting their nomination for the AASB Board of Directors, there are certain things the Board is committing the district to:

  • Supporting the nomination by formal action
  • Paying for travel and lodging for the annual conference
    • Including the day before to participate in the interview process
    • Making travel arrangements which allow for the member to stay the Monday after the conference to participate in the Board Meeting if elected
  • Paying for travel/lodging for the spring board meeting
  • Supporting members participation in Board Development opportunities

Who is on the nominating committee?

The nominating committee is chaired by the Past President, or a previous Past President, and then members are chosen from the five judicial districts from school board members who are not already on the Board of Directors.

What Criteria does the nominating committee consider?

The nominating committees’ goal is to put together a well-balanced board. Criteria it may consider include, but it not limited to, the following:

  • The candidates demonstrated leadership and experience
  • Candidates statewide perspective and vision of the future for school boards
  • Adaptability
  • Time available to develop to AASB Board service
  • Geographical representation of the board
  • Urban/rural makeup of the board
  • Ethnic makeup of the board

Someone from my board is already on the Board of Directors, can I still submit my nomination?

Yes! Having someone from your board who is already on the Board of Directors does not prevent others from the same board from submitting their nominations as well.

I have more questions about possibly running for the Board of Directors, who should I contact?

Email Tiffany Jackson.