What is the Consent Agenda process?

Answer: If your board uses Robert’s Rules of Order, here is the preferred method that honors the idea of the “board decides.”

  1. The Board Chair asks board members if there are any items on the Consent Agenda they wish to pull for separate consideration. Any member may do this, it requires no second and the member does not need to state a reason.
  2. When the board is finished pulling items the Chair states: “I would entertain a motion to approve the Consent Agenda.”
  3. A board member makes the following motion:  “I move to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of items XX to XX.”  Another member seconds.
  4. The Board Chair asks for any discussion.  If there is none (and there usually isn’t) the chair moves to the vote.
  5. The chair asks “Is there objection?” After a pause, if there is none, the Chair declares “The Consent Agenda is approved without objection.” If someone does object, do a roll call vote.

This process maintains the balance of power and rights, and yet still creates expediency in dealing with usual, repeated business.

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