ASK AASB: Does the board approve the hiring of new personnel?

A: The short answer is yes; the board approves the contracts offered to new employees by the superintendent.  The board is required by policy (BP 4111) and by law (AS 14.08.11 and AS 14.14.090) to do this.  The superintendent is delegated the responsibility for doing the actual hiring (advertising, interviews and selection).  The board’s role is to approve the contract for the hiring of the person for the position.  Unless there is an exceptionally good reason, the board does not involve itself in the actual “hiring” of school personnel.  The board’s main role is to understand the parameters and necessity of the position and to allocate funds to pay for the position.  The allocation of funds is usually done when the board approves a budget or grant.

So here is how it goes:

  • The board approves funding a position in the budget and understands what the position will be
  • The superintendent advertises, recruits, interviews and selects the candidate for the job.
  • The superintendent offers a contract to the individual who they have recommended to hire.
  • The superintendent presents the board with a recommendation of approving a contract for the position to be filled.

The board usually approves the contract as long as it meets the parameters of the original need for the position and the range of compensation it anticipated funding.

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