Ask AASB: How do districts use “Consent Agenda”?

What do you include in it? How do you show it on your agenda? And how do you assure that it goes well at the school board meeting?

Most districts use Consent Agenda at every meeting. It is voted on and approved toward the beginning of the meeting, in the same motion as the meeting Agenda. The one item that is always on the Consent Agenda is the Approval of Minutes from the last meeting.

Other items can be included on  the Consent Agenda include:

  • Approval of Special Business Meetings
  • Approval of School/Community Library Use Agreement
  • Renewal of Gaming Permit
  • Bank Signatory Cards
  • Other routine items that do not call for discussion

A Board member can always request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the regular Agenda.

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Image Attribution: Nick Youngson