Ask AASB: Is Board approval needed for staff changes made by the superintendent?

Q: If the superintendent transfers or changes a staff member to a new position, such as from Principal to Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Principal to Principal, or counselor to Principal, does it need to go before the board for approval?

A: Recommended BP 4213 reads as follows:

“Classified employees shall be assigned by their immediate supervisors with the approval of the Superintendent or designee….A regular employee who has been reassigned or transferred to a promotional position will be expected to serve a transitional probationary period in the new position for purposes of supervision and evaluation of job performance. The new probationary status will not affect the employee’s benefits.

Nowhere in policy does it say the board must approve transfers.

Lastly as a reminder, the board has one employee, the superintendent. The board doesn’t have a say in staffing issues. While it is good practice for the superintendent to keep the board informed, it is the superintendents decision.

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