ASK AASB: What is a board member’s role on a standing committee of the board?

A. First and foremost all committee meetings are subject to the Open Meeting act and not only should be posted but should be held in public for anyone to attend. NOW that does not mean for anyone to participate, but it does mean attend, and watch the work of the committee.

The standing committees of the board (typically finance, policy, and curriculum) are usually made up of staff, community member, students, and board members. We recommend that not more than two board members be on each committee so as not to make it a board meeting THOUGH it is possible it just needs to be really strict on posting, minutes and agenda.

Typically the president of the board would appoint who is chair of the committee OR the committee on their first meeting decides on a chair. The chair could be a board member, OR it could be someone else on the committee. The board members on committees are there to be a general member of the committee, to both listen and give input yet not overpower, simply a member. They are not there to give the ‘board’s opinion’ on an issue.

It is actually no different for an ad hoc committee, though typically there is a time frame for that committee and specific outcomes necessary for the committee to meet.

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