ASK AASB: When AASB produces updates on board policy, who adds these to our board policy, which is online?

Once per year, AASB generates board policy updates.  We send out a notice that the updates are available to all board presidents, superintendents, and executive administrative assistants. If your district has paid the annual invoice for the policy update service, we provide the district with the password to access those updates. At that point, the board secretary should download the updated or new policies and begin to work with the board chair and superintendent to get them added to future board agendas for review and board approval. Once the board has approved the new policy language, it is sent back to AASB, and we have our policy service load it into your policy manual. Here is the process in a step-by-step sequence:

  1. AASB sends link to policy updates to each district
  2. Board president and superintendent determine a schedule for the board to review and adopt policy updates for the district
  3. Policy revisions take place at regular meetings and usually require two readings and the opportunity for public input.
  4. The board secretary sends AASB the policy revisions board has adopted (if you subscribe to our online policy service).
  5. AASB works with the online provider to update your policy manual and we notify you when the update is complete.

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