Does AASB keep a record of the standing committees each district’s board members serve on?

I’m hoping to start a conversation with our board about our committees, with the intention of evaluating our need, establishing committees in response to the need, creating an identified charge for each committee, and setting expectations for each committee that would carry through each election cycle (such as group membership, minimum meeting count, chairmanship, etc). For our discussion, I think it would be helpful to review a quick survey of committees that other school boards felt were necessary to complete the work of the board.

Answer: AASB doesn’t keep a compiled list of all school board standing committees statewide. However, if your district is a subscriber to AASB’s Policy Online service, your administration would be allowed to check to see what committees other school board Policy Online subscribers have. If your board requests the information, AASB can easily walk a district’s executive admin through a search. 

Here are a few examples of standing committees that some other Alaska school boards currently have, the most common being Policy and Finance:

  • Education
  • Fiance
  • Public Relations
  • Policy
  • Executive
  • Facilities
  • Personnel

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