February Leadership & Legislative Fly-In – in person!

Jenni Lefing, School Climate and Conference Coordinator

AASB is looking forward to hosting its first in-person Leadership & Legislative Fly-In since 2020, to be held February 12-14  in Juneau.  AASB’s fly-ins offer a unique opportunity for education advocates from around the state to come together to learn about what is currently driving the legislature, and how together, school board members can engage legislators in crafting solutions to the challenges districts face.

Saturday’s Leadership Day is focused on different aspects of  school board leadership. The day will open with a civil discourse on being a board in challenging times with DEED Commissioner Michael Johnson and attorney John Sedor. This will be followed with sessions on effective meetings and tools to support your board, including setting a board calendar. policies, and superintendent evaluations.

The Legislative Day, Sunday, February 13, will inform you of what’s happening in the legislature this session. Afternoon district forums will then provide opportunities for school boards—and students attending AASB’s Youth Advocacy Institute—to discuss legislative priorities and identify talking points, in order to speak with a unified voice to advocate for education.

We are also thrilled to be able to host our Youth Advocacy Institute (YAI), where high school students develop skills in legislative advocacy while connecting with youth leaders and school boards from across the state.  Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice multiple ways to advocate and testify.
  • Meet with legislators and Commissioner Michael Johnson, Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.
  • Connect with school board members on legislative issues.
  • Be part of the legislative advocacy process!

Following the weekend, AASB will schedule legislative Zoom meetings for school districts during the week of February 23. This will include:

  • Daily meetings set up with legislators and the school districts they represent.
  • Opportunities to share and connect with school boards before and after the meetings.
  • Support from AASB in connecting with the Alaska State Legislature.

We look forward to seeing you in Juneau next month!  As you prepare for the fly-in, we encourage districts to set up meetings with their legislators while in Juneau.