How do I add an agenda item after the agenda has been posted?

A: The Alaska Open Meetings Act says that the board must give reasonable notice to the public about the business it will be conducting. Because of the way this is worded, there is flexibility in adding items. The guidance we give boards and that we have heard from lawyers on the subject, is that the issue to be added to the agenda may determine whether or not significant advance notice is required. For instance, if the board all of a sudden decided two days before a meeting that it intended to take action on a topic such as changing a discipline policy or closing a school or something of that magnitude, then adding it to the agenda last minute would likely violate the intent of the law.

However, if it is an issue that may not have immediate significance or importance, say approving student travel for a program that has existed for the last 10 years and someone forgot to get approval at the last meeting, then it may not be a big deal. Maybe the board needs to get an RFP approved and advertised right away, this may also be okay. Again it is dependent on the subject to be added to the agenda. In general, we advise trying to avoid adding agenda items at the last minute if possible, but sometimes it is necessary.

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