How does a board determine conflict of interest on a vote?

Answer: For the most part, the Board President can rule on this, though they can be influenced by the board. For example:

Mr. Jonson, Board Member: I declare I may have a conflict of interest. One of the names on the perspective hire list is my sister. She and I have completely separate households, and separate finances, but do have a familial link. 

Board Chair: Thank you member Jonson. What are the feelings of the board?

Board member 2: I don’t see this link as being a conflict of interest because there is no financial benefit to member Jonson. 

Board member 3: I agree. 

Board Chair: Are there any other comments? (Pause). Hearing none, I rule there is no conflict of interest for member Jonson, and member Jonson may vote 

Should the debate go the other way, the ruling would be to declare there IS a conflict of interest, and member Jonson should recuse themselves from voting. 

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