Maintenance Employees Conference – Resource Materials

AASB and Alaska Public Entities Insurance(APEI) teamed up to bring you the 4th-annual Maintenance Employees Conference, Oct. 18-19 in Anchorage. This 2-day conference focused on providing content centered on school district maintenance issues and safety.  It was a great way to learn from experts and your peers and to network with other maintenance folks from across the state.

List of Registrants

Amanda Compton – ADEC

What is a Class 2 facility?
Class 2 FAQs
Additional aboveground storage tank table
Class 2 facility registration and notification form
DEC Fuel Storage

Cole Cummins – APEI

NSC Incident Investigation
Accident Investigation
Accident/Incident Report and Investigation Form
Questions and Tactics

Michael Warzewick – State Fire Marshall’s Office

Fire Safety Program Toolkit
Building Blocks to School Safety
Occupancy self-inspection

Paul Neilsen – NRC Harzardous Waste Handling

Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Waste General Rules
EPA Used oil and Haz. Waste Management
NRC Statement of Qualifications
NRC Folder brochure
NRC Auto Product and Service Catalog
NRC Arctic Frost specs
Emerald becomes NRC

Wayne Marquis – Alaska DEED

Memo to Maintenance personnel
FY18 Maintenance Officials list
PM State of the State – last year
PM State of the State – this year
Site visit dates – this FY
Site visit dates – next FY
Alaska School Facilities PM Handbook
Alaska School Facilities PM Handbook – planned update
SB 87 – Sponsor Statement
SB 87 Goals
FY 18 Maintenance List
FY 18 Construction List
AEA PFS Bulk Fuel Upgrade Program
AEA PFS Bulk Fuel Upgrade Status
AEA PFS Rural Power Systems Upgrade
AEA PFS Rural Power Systems Upgrade Status

Other presentations

Renewable Energy Alaska Project
Strategic Energy Management
Success with Solar in Alaska