New AASB Webinar Series Helps Districts Plan Impactful Postsecondary Strategies

Emily Ferry, AASB Collective Impact Coordinator

AASB recently launched the How Do You Know Webinar Series by exploring data sources that can help districts take a closer look at how their students are faring after they graduate. Check out the video for a great explanation of how Mount Edgecumbe high school uses data from the National Student Clearinghouse to see if they are on track with their goal of having 70% of students enroll in some sort of postsecondary opportunity within a year of graduating from high school.

Or take a look at the slides to see how you can access postsecondary enrollment rates by reviewing the Report Card for your district from Department of Education and Early Development.

If you don’t want to wait until students graduate to see if your district is on track, you can also check out FAFSA Tracker to see what percent of high school seniors have completed this critical step to accessing financial aid as of this month. And taking a look at how many students are eligible for the Alaska Perfomance Scholarship can help you see if requirements are aligned, communicated, and supported. 

Source: 2023 Alaska Performance Scholarship Outcomes Report

Of course, if your district is really serious about improving postsecondary outcomes, the work needs to begin far earlier than senior year. Reviewing School Climate and Connectednes Survey results questions like “I want very much to get more education after high school” can give you a sense of what your students are thinking as early as middle school.

If you’re inspired to improve your results, the team at AASB can help your district plan comprehensive and impactful postsecodary strategies. Reach out to Emily Ferry to get started. The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Educaiton also has a wealth of resources including live, virtual support for filling out the FAFSA. ACPE can also share your district’s reports from the National Student Clearinghouse for free; email