Our board has a vacant seat right now, so there is the potential for a tied vote. What are the school board’s procedures when it comes to breaking a tie when voting?

Answer: Most school boards utilize Robert’s Rules when running their meetings, and in Robert’s Rules, a tie is a failed vote. For example, say a 5 member board has a vacant seat, and there is a motion before the board to paint the walls blue. 

The following votes would pass the motion to paint the walls blue:

  • 4 yes votes/0 no votes
  • 3 yes votes/1 no vote

The following votes would fail the motion to paint the walls blue:

  • 0 yes votes/4 no votes
  • 1 yes vote/3 no votes
  • 2 yes votes/2 no votes

In practice, AASB recommends the President of the board be called last, so in the case of a full board, by the time the President is called, if the vote is currently tied, the President is in essence the ’tie-breaker.’ 

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