2021 Virtual Legislative Academy – Resources & Video

Connect with statewide education colleagues to sharpen advocacy skills, get updates on legislative session developments, and meet with legislators to address the challenges districts face.

Slideshows and other public resources from the conference are posted in the Event Schedule section below.

Session video recordings can be accessed by registered attendees by clicking on the button below and entering the event password.

Resource Links

List of bills from Norm’s Bill Review Presentation

AASB 2021 Legislative Talking Points

AASB 2021 Legislative Priorities List

Like Size District Discussion Forum List

Top Priorities from District Forums

Event Schedule

8:15 am – Welcome & Introductions

8:30 – 9:45 am – Legislative Context / What is Currently Driving the Legislature – Norm WootenSlides

9:00 – 9:45 am – Legislative Priorities & Bill Review – Norm WootenSlides

9:45 – 10:00 am – Break

10:00 – 10:45 am – Advocacy Focus mini-sessions:

  • Advocacy in an Urban SettingDeena Mitchell, Anchorage School DistrictInvitation | Flier | Buddy Assignments
  • Advocacy in a Rural SettingMarie Greene, Northwest Arctic School District
  • Advocacy on a Federal Level Margo Bellamy, Anchorage School DistrictSlides

10:40 – 11:30 am – Like Size District Forums

11:30 am – 12:30 pm – Coming Back Together – Share out, prepare for meetings with legislators

Legislative Meetings Schedule

Monday, March 22, 9:00 am



DISTRICTS: Haines, Juneau, Skagway

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Jesse.Kiehl@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Andi.Story@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Sara.Hannan@nullakleg.gov

Monday, March 22, 2:00 pm

SENATORS: Sen, Bishop, Kawasaki, Meyers

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. Cronk, Hopkins, LeBon, Prax, Thompson, ,Wool

DISTRICTS: Alaska Gateway, Denali, Nenana, Tanana, Yukon Flats, Fairbanks

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Click.Bishop@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Scott.Kawasaki@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Robert.Myers@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Mike.Cronk@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Grier.Hopkins@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Bart.LeBon@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Mike.Prax@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Steve.Thompson@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Grier.Hopkins@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Adam.Wool@nullakleg.gov

Tuesday, March 23, 2:00 pm

SENATORS: Sen. Stevens, Micciche, Shower

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. Stutes, Carpenter, Gilham, Vance, Rauscher

DISTRICTS: Cordova, Kodiak, Yakutat, Kenai, Chugach, Copper River, Delta-Greely

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Gary.Stevens@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Peter.Micciche@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Mike.Shower@nullakleg.gov, Representative.George.Rauscher@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Louise.Stutes@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Ben.Carpenter@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Ronald.Gillham@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Sarah.Vance@nullakleg.gov

Wednesday, March 24, 9:00 am

SENATORS: Sen. Reinbold, Costello, Wellechowski, Revak

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. McCarty, Sponholtz, Rasmussen, Claman, Merrick, Drummond, Tuck

DISTRICTS: Anchorage

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Lora.Reinbold@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Mia.Costello@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Bill.Wielechowski@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Josh.Revak@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Kelly.Merrick@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Harriet.Drummond@nullakleg.gov, Representative.David.Nelson@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Chris.Tuck@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Ken.McCarty@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Sara.Rasmussen@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Matt.Claman@nullakleg.gov

Wednesday, March 24, 2:00 pm

SENATORS: Sen. Begich, von Imhoff, Gray-Jackson, Holland

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. Tarr, Shaw, Snyder, Kaufman, Josephson, Schrage, Fields, McKay

DISTRICTS: Anchorage

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Tom.Begich@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Natasha.vonImhof@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Elvi.Gray-Jackson@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Roger.Holland@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Andy.Josephson@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Calvin.Schrage@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Zack.Fields@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Tom.McKay@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Geran.Tarr@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Laddie.Shaw@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Liz.Snyder@nullakleg.gov, Representative.James.Kaufman@nullakleg.gov

Thursday, March 25, 2:00 pm

SENATORS: Sen. Hoffman, Sen. Olson

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. Edgmon, Foster, Zulkosky, Patkotak

DISTRICTS: Aleutians East, Bristol Bay, Dillingham, Iditarod, Kuspuk, Lake & Pen, LKSD, SW Region, Bering Strait, Galena, Kashunamuit, LYSD, Nome, North Slope, NW Arctic, St. Mary’s, Unalaska, Yukon-Koyukuk, Yupiit, Priblof

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Lyman.Hoffman@nullakleg.gov, Senator.Donny.Olson@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Bryce.Edgmon@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Neal.Foster@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Tiffany.Zulkosky@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Josiah.Patkotak@nullakleg.gov

Thursday, March 25, 4:00 pm

SENATORS Sen. Stedman

REPRESENTATIVES: Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins, Ortiz

DISTRICTS: Annette Island, Chatham, Craig, Hoonah, Hydaburg, Kake, Ketchikan, Klawock, Pelican, Petersburg, Sitka, SE Island, Wrangell

CONTACT EMAILS: Senator.Bert.Stedman@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Jonathan.Kreiss-Tomkins@nullakleg.gov, Representative.Dan.Ortiz@nullakleg.gov