2018 State Trainers & Planners Conference – Resource Materials

Cultural Safety For Youth

Trainers 2018 Strategic Planning Presentation

Trainers Leadership Lessons from the Mountains

Trainers 2018 – Five Roles of the Board


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18 Buttons and Bumperstickers

18 NSBA Trainers Standing in Someone Elses Shoes

18 Roundtable and Protocol responses

18 stand in shoes high school

18 Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes_trainers

2018 Trainers Conf booklet FINAL 6-19

Bumper stickers to print out

Elephant. Trainers Conference 2018 – Addressing the Elephant FINAL

Elephant.Don’t rescue white people V2

Elephant.Equity – GLOSSARY

Elephant.Microaggressions Defined

Elephant.Microagressions Handout

Protocol Presentation

Protocols List

Stakeholder voice- Breakout

Trainers 2018 -Designing Race Equity Policies_Final

Trainers Conference 2018 – Addressing the Elephant FINAL

Trainers Conference 2018 – AZ GA and WA Equity Journey_FINAL

2018 Trainers Conference Slideshow

Heather’s presentation “CRESEL”