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2020 Virtual Fall Boardsmanship Academy Resources & Recordings

2020 Fall Boardsmanship Academy graphic

Thanks to everyone who attended AASB’s first-ever Virtual Fall Boardsmanship Academy! It was great to see so many of our statewide friends and colleagues, and to share knowledge, experiences, and conversations with you all.

Slideshows and other publicly accessible resources from the event are posted below.


Access to video and audio recordings of the sessions is reserved for districts that registered for the 2020 Fall Boardsmanship Academy. To access the recordings, click on the button below and login using the password you were issued during the event.

Saturday Sessions – Public Resources

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2020 Virtual Fall Boardsmanship Academy Program
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Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED) Update

Karen Melin, Deputy Commissioner, DEED

Deputy Commissioner Karen Melin shared updates from DEED, and pertinent information boards need to know now.

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The COVID QUAGMIRE: Legal Give and Take … and Take and Give

John Sedor and Betsy Bull, Sedor, Wendlandt Evans & Fillippi

John Sedor and Betsy Bull, shared information on operational legal issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. School districts are in uncharted territory exploring the risks and options of reopening schools and determining just “how open” they ought to be. While there are a few statutory waypoints to help guide us, much of what we must decide will be a function of risk tolerance, educational policy, and community goals.

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Resource – Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers

Team Optimizing Project (TOP): ​What Does the Data Say About​​ Teacher Retention?

Barbara Adams & Jerry Covey

Hiring, retaining, and ensuring the best opportunities for district employees and leaders in this current uncertain environment is a front burner issue for every school board. Barbara Adams, Adams Analytic Solutions, and Jerry Covey, JSC Consulting will share how Alaska districts are using TOP to learn about employee insights and experiences in voluntary, safe, and confidential ways using information to support collaboration between district administrators and employees that creates certainty and strengthens the workforce.

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Teacher Recruitment & Retention During COVID-19​

Toni McFadden, Alaska Teacher Placement Program, UAF

Toni McFadden with the Alaska Teacher Placement Program at University of Alaska-Fairbanks shared what recruiting teachers in Alaska has looked like since COVID-19, changes that have been made to the recruiting process, and challenges faced.

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Sunday Sessions – Public Resources

Governance without Policy = Being Blindfolded

Lon Garrison, AASB

Lon Garrison (AASB) explored the need for policy as a basis for governance and some best practices for keeping it up to date and readily accessible to the public.

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Curriculum? What do I need to know and why does it matter?

Ted Wilson, Juneau School District and Lon Garrison, AASB

Ted Wilson and Lon Garrison teamed up to provide some answers to what curriculum is all about, such as: Do you really understand what curriculum is? As a board member, what do I need to know? Why is it an important responsibility of the board?

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JSD Social Studies and Science Curriculum referenced during the session:

K-5 Social Studies | 6-8 Social Studies | 9-12 Social Studies | K-5 Science | Middle School Science | High School Science

Stronger Together: Building bridges between families and schools to help students succeed

Claudia Plesa, AASB

Claudia Plesa introduced Stronger Together, an AASB developed resource, which helps school districts engage families systematically and equitably. The session focused on the Relationships chapter of Stronger Together, and strategies that can build up student resilience through deep, meaningful and trusting relationships with their families. Attendees strategized how to build, maintain and repair relationships with families in our districts, and how to lean on these relationships to support student academic progress, as well as student well being and self growth.

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Essential Items Every School Board Member Should Have at Their Fingertips

TImi Tullis, AASB

TImi Tullis shared resources for all board members. Though AASB staff is always more than happy to help you with any questions that may arise, having access to certain documents will not only help you as a board member but also help you in your decision making, participation in your community and work that you do each and every day to make your schools and district the best they can be. The session outlined what these items are, and challenged boards to find all of them!

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EXAMPLE of Board Yearly Calendar