Transforming Schools: Trauma-Engaged Toolkit

The vision of this toolkit is to help Alaska schools and communities integrate trauma-engaged practices and policies into their everyday activities in order to improve academic outcomes and well-being for all students. Improving student outcomes requires us to support the whole child, and to understand how trauma impacts a child’s ability to learn and thrive.

Creating trauma-engaged, safe, and supportive schoolsrequires holistic change and a mindset shift for students,administrators, school staff and community members. Self Care This section supports the Transforming Schools frameworkand includes how to build capacity within school districts topromote, provide and support self-care that isintentional, effective, and cohesive for staff. Family Partnerships This section of the toolkit provides tools and resourcesto partner with parents for social, emotional,behavioral, and academic outcomes. Cultural Integration & Community Co-creation This section provides strategies for partnering with thecommunity and utilizing appropriate cultural adaptationsin planning and implementing Trauma Engaged Schoolswork at your school. Support Services This section provides tools and strategies for schoolsupport service providers to help shift practicesto being Trauma Engaged. Skill Instruction This section provides resources and strategies forTrauma Engaged skills instruction of Socialand Emotional Learning skills. School Wide Practices & Climate This section provides tools, strategies and resourcesfor a positive school climate and forTrauma Engaged school wide practices. This section provides tools, strategies and resourcesfor a positive school climate and forTrauma Engaged school wide practices. Professional Learning The purpose of this section is to support the building ofcapacity within schools and school districts to provide andsupport intentional, effective, and cohesive professionaldevelopment on Trauma-Engaged School Practices. Planning & Coordination of School-wide Efforts This section provides tools to reflect on each site’s currenttrauma engaged work and tools to identify key priorities andcreate a plan for your Trauma Engaged Schools work. Policy Considerations This section of the toolkit is designed to help schoolleadership and staff to consider what district or schoolpolicies may be important to review and adapt whenworking towards a trauma engaged school. Relationships This section includes strategies for building capacity inschool districts to intentionally foster supportive relationshipsbetween all members of the school community. Deconstructing Trauma This section provides tools to increasing school staffunderstating of trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences andtheir links to learning and child brain development.